[DJay] Use offline Playlists in the Djay App

I know that this idea has been raised a year ago but it was closed (not declined) and I am still frustrated, that this feature is not implemented so far.


As a DJ using djay2 app from algoriddim with spotify premium integration (djay2 integration is the reason why I am still a spotify premium member who pays) you often have the situation, that WiFi/WLAN is not available. I know there are some workarounds by using a cell phone as wifi hotspot, but to be honest: you cannot rely on a wifi connection as a DJ. The best way to DJing is to own the music or to have it offline for the case a streaming service like spotify is used.


On the algoriddim forum page there is a another discussion running regarding this feature and the feedback from algoriddim djay2 developers looks like that spotify has to provide some functionality in such a way that algoriddim can make it happen.


So I am looking forward to other DJ's in this forum that might vote for this idea again - and hopefully we get the 100 kudos for a review which may end in realization...





Updated on 2018-10-02

Hey folks, Spotify staff here.

We wanted to post an update as this idea has reached over 500 votes from our users.

We’re always working on improving the Spotify experience across platforms, but we’re afraid we don’t have any further information to share at the moment.

We typically don't announce integrations or comment on updates to third party apps in advance.

Thanks for continuing to share your ideas and give us feedback in our Idea Exchange.

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Hi there my name Is shaun

I know this is all ready happening but I think it can be better, I am a DJ and I use djay pro from algoriddim and I am a paying customer to use this with Spotify. But it is a shame that you can not make a play list then download it like you do to play on the go to listen to song where ever you are, only if you could do this and DJ wiht it using the same technique it would make it so much easier and better for us djs. Also if you teamed up with rekordbox because of there layout of ther program is amazing and easy to use we could then just use Spotify make play list then send it to are memory sticks then play it where ever we go, if you could make any of this happen it would be amazing as it will benefit Spotify as so many more people would pay for primium account and also every time some one plays a song from Spotify the artists make money right so it is a win win.
I hope all this makes sense but I will break it down.

Pluses to this are....
More people become premium on Spotify
Spotify makes money
Easy for djs to get songs and make playlists and use them.
Artists make more money.
Win win for every one.

To make sure everyone gets money and everything is fair of copy right etc all that stuff you can make the files that we download to count how many time we play them then when we go on Spotify then it updates play count then people artists who ever gets paid. Also I'm sure you could make it so the file is locked as well so we can not copy to are computers etc so it just stays on the stick and if we downgrade then the songs will not work anymore and will get deleted with are accounts as the play list with not exist anymore etc.

Kind regards

Shaun B


Got my vote. Same reason for me to be premium member. I wouldn't mind to pay even more to have this enabled.


please do this!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I would love to have it. 🙂


I agree, Spotify and Djay should be able to work without wifi because that's the only way I will buy the Spotify subscription. At least my dj record pool allows me to download songs. When Spotify includes this service, I'll cancel my dj record pool subscription.

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Only got my premium membership for this function with DJ2 really gutted when I discovered it doesn't work offline!! Please sort it!
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