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Depersonalize specific genre playlists instead of "Made For" individual users

When I find a Spotify public playlist for a music genre like "Classic Punk" it now says that it's "Made For" me. I guess this implies that it's tailoring the playlist to my tastes. But I don't want that for a specific genre playlist -- I want the default, expert-crafted one (or at least an AI-crafted one that's not putting me in an echo chamber of music I already listen to frequently). The current setup is inconsistent -- "Skatepark Punks" is also Made For me, but "Alternative 70s" is a standard playlist that's the same for everyone. I tend to listen to that one more often because it's not giving me music that sounds like everything else I already listen to.


My suggestion is to depersonalize many of these specific genre playlists so they're the same for everyone. Spotify now has so many ways to listen to playlists that are AI curated for a user's tastes, but many of us value listening to different and diverse music outside of our usual styles and keywords. I could understand keeping very broad genre playlists customized, since "Rock" or "Pop" or "Hip Hop" are so broad that it makes sense to customize them to specific users, but "Jazz Rap" should be a standard playlist. Personalizing it doesn't help anyone.


If Spotify has no plans to scale back on these personalized playlists, then at the very least, they should provide an easy way to find standard, non-personalized playlists in the app, or make a clearer distinction between standard playlist and ones that are Made For that user.


More inconsistencies: "Alternative 90s" and "Alternative 80s" are Made For me, but "Alternative 70s" and "Alternative 60s" are standard Spotify playlists. When I look at the 90s and 80s lists, I see songs that I feel like I run into all over Spotify over and over, while the 70s and 60s ones are full of songs that (ironically) feel new and fresh to me, or at least that I haven't heard in a long time. In these cases, AI user personalization hurts more than it helps.


Totally agree - I don't want my playlists all "Made for" me- they become so disappointingly repetitive and often less exciting than the standard AI or DJ selection. Adding more personalization is not always better, especially with an app like Spotify.


If you look up "sound of ____" there is an excellent playlist for every genre! They were created through an algorithm by the (now former) data alchemist, so theyre the best way ive found to get into new genres! 

Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately these playlists are not in my
genres…! Also, searching out specific playlists that aren’t “made for me”
doesn’t fix the issue of Spotify’s algorithm being programmed to deliver an
environment saturated in ultra-personalised (ie familiar) content instead
of the new and unfamiliar.


How do I vote for this a million times? “made for you” has been the bane of my life for at least a year - can’t stand it!


Glad I'm not alone in this! If you like this idea, please leave a comment with an example or two of a playlist you wish was not "Made For" you and should be turned back to its old self. I'm super interested to compile examples and compare them to standard curated playlists.