[Desktop] Accessibility for blind and low Vision Users

We've reach mid 2017 and still the Windows and Mac versions of Spotify are not even usable to blind users. Now that Apple Music has arrived I think it is time to push accessibility to the top of the list. I've seen lots of posts from other people being closed due to lack of kudos. Really? Accessibility is a right, not a social thing.

I ask the Spotify dev team to implement accessibility for screen reader users in both Windows and Mac platforms

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If there are others out there in the Spotify community who are frustrated because the assistive technologies they use to navigate on Spotify are not working well, I hope you will add your comments.  I work at a blindness rehab agency where we teach people to use screen reading and screen magnification software so they can do things independently on the web.  We have received complaints about their inability to access some of Spotify's features because the people who designed this website and the application have not coded it for accessibility.


I hope those of you who are having the same difficulties will make your voices known to Spotify so just MAYBE Spotify will take their responsibility to make their service equally available to all community members more seriously. 


Perhaps if enough people post in response to this comment, Spotify will believe it matters.  Thank you.

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I've written an open letter to Spotify on the matter, as it's taken years and they've made no steps towards supporting accessibility in their product.




I'm writing to let you know that the Spotify client for OSX (and possibly
other OSs too) is inaccessible to people who are blind and otherwise disabled.
Several people, myself included, have raised this issue in an attempt to
have it fixed but we've been consistently ignored by Spotify staff.
That first suggestion dates back to 2013.
Could you please let me know:
  a) whether you plan to support accessibility APIs in your product, and
  b) what the ETA is for that support
I'm a fan of streaming music services in general, and Spotify in
particular: I think you have a great product, and the first that I've
used that is far more convenient than outright piracy.
I've given Spotify subscriptions as a gift to several family members, and happily
evangelise Spotify to other Linux users due to your client support for
that OS.
Please do the right thing by your blind and disabled users and properly
support accessibility APIs in your product.  I'm sure you wouldn't turn
disabled people away from your office; please don't turn them away from
your software either.

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Here is another blind user asking for accessibility, or maybe equality.


Disability legislation has been in place in the UK for many years. We no longer consider it acceptable not to have ramps and dropped kerbs for wheelchair users so why does Spotify think that it is acceptable not to make provision for those with visual impairment. The RIBA has produced guidance on this with clear statements of the degree of colour contrast that is acceptable for a long time. Please Spotify, either wake up to the needs of your users and comply with legislation in repect of the Equalities Act or be prepared for users to get so fed up that someone takes out a law suit aaginst you, because not complying is unlawfull. EVEN fully sighted people cant find the scroll bar!! Programmers WAKEUP!


hi blind spottify user here...


Despite spottify working relatively well with voiceover on apple products, it is still completely inaccessible to use with screen reader software. Some scripts have been designed which apparently make it work with Jaws but this costs money. The decent thing for spottify to do would to build accessibility features into their product without having to rely on other people to rectify their short comings.


If companies like apple take accessibility seriously it is time spottify should as well.



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The latest Mac update breaks even more the already limited accessibility. Users could use the following Apple Script to force a poor accessibility mode that has been broken. The layout is similar as the Spotify web playee.


do shell script "/Applications/Spotify.app/Contents/MacOS/Spotify --force-renderer-accessibility > /dev/null 2>&1 &"

I'm also assisting blind people and really find it confusing that there is hardly any music platforms that are accesible with the Jaws software they are using on their computer.

I think it is very sad and hope Spotify will make an effort in developing their software so that large group of blind people can have the pleasure of listening and discovering great music