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[Desktop] Airplay for the Desktop Version

I would love to have Airplay built in the app itself, so I don't need another program such as Airfoil.

Updated on 2019-09-18

Hey folks,

We’re always working on improving the Spotify experience across platforms, but we’re afraid we don’t have any further information to share at the moment.

We typically don't announce integrations with third parties in advance. The best place to keep an eye on is on the Newsroom blog for updates about any such partnerships.


Thanks for continuing to share your ideas!




Yeeeeeeees please !!!!!!Smiley Happy

It'd be great to have this in the Windows desktop app.


When working on my laptop I still use the iPhone app (solely for AirPlay). Would much prefer to be able to control from my laptop and take advantage of the generally more feature rich desktop app.


A decent alternative would be the much talked about native iPad app taking advantage of the larger screen.

Keep up the awesome work, looking forward to improvements all round!


Definitely want this! 


I miss AirPlay so badly...


+1 for Airplay in the OSX desktop app. And please make it not so hidden as on the iPhone version. It's great to pair with the Beolit 12.

+1 for Airplay support.


I hope we implement this in the future.  I'll pass it along.  In the meantime, you can take a look at some decent work-arounds in the following thread:


yes this is really lacking from spotify- a much needed addition!


YES...I CONCUR !!!!!!