[Desktop] Allow an optional switch between desktop and web player look on desktop app

Basically, a few people got forced to switch to the web player for some kind of A/B test. Here are the disadvantages of the web player:


It is impossible to see the friends that you are following, follow any non artist profiles, to change the playlist image, search for a song within a playlist, or sort playlist by filters such as: date added; song length; artist name; or album name. It is also impossible to see an album on an artist's page after you click on the album. Here's video proof of that. https://streamable.com/rs9m2. Also now it doesn't show you the correct labels, and says stuff like navbar.search and artist.monthly-listeners-count instead.


Screen Shot 2020-04-26 at 8.13.57 PM.png


I want to be able to switch back to the desktop version. I've logged in on a different account on my desktop app and desktop version loads. When I log in on my account, the web version loads. Here's a screenshot for yall who don't believe me.


Please let me have the desktop player back. I love Spotify, have had an account for years, and this has been very frustrating.

Updated on 2020-11-16

This test will resume for some users from today. We're marking this Idea as "Not Right Now" as there won't be an option to switch back to Classic. The team have worked hard to bring back the features that were not available when the test previously ran earlier this year. If you are on the test, we'd love to hear your feedback in this thread:



Finally, after those comments Spotify is fixed. I hope you guys are also okay with the app. Just keep commenting, maybe they'll fix yours too.


re-logging brought back the old spotify



i said



In Windows the Desktop app works ''fine'' but with big ''

But in the design aspect its terrible and low quiality, i said, i can see the pixels of everything, you know? of everything, of the text and more... its pretty uggly and sooo older


Now, i using the web player and its so far, better and too much beautiful and HIGH QUALITY.


YES! mine was fixed too. THANK YOU SPOTIFY ❤️


Same here, it's back!


What would really show Spotify is if premium users stopped paying and switched to another service such as Deezer, Tidal, Apple Music and YT Music. There are various ways to transfer your playlists. 


People, Spotify didn't "fix" anything. This was a change they made on purpose. You shouldn't thank them. The fact that they even rolled this out should make you wary of what they can do.

Music Fan

I use a Chromebook most of the time. The Web based UI should completely mirror the Windows Desktop functionality including the ability to use local files.


I too seem to have been opted into the test version.


I too miss the sort by date function and if the only way of getting it back is not to be part of the test version then I would like to be uninvolved.


For some bizarre reason this does not seem to be possible.


Strangely, and I know this sounds crazy, but, as a Premium user, I thought I was the paying customer in this arrangement. Silly me!

Casual Listener

this is ridiculous and insulting that i still have to deal with this.


Why the heck do you not have a beta program like any normal company?


Why ignore your paying customers complaints when the solution is as simple as an update rollback?


Why just ignore all these important insights when you make millions, upon millions a year by doing nothing more than posting other peoples work and putting out the lowest quality app your money can by?


Disgraceful to say the least