[Desktop] Allow an optional switch between desktop and web player look on desktop app

Basically, a few people got forced to switch to the web player for some kind of A/B test. Here are the disadvantages of the web player:


It is impossible to see the friends that you are following, follow any non artist profiles, to change the playlist image, search for a song within a playlist, or sort playlist by filters such as: date added; song length; artist name; or album name. It is also impossible to see an album on an artist's page after you click on the album. Here's video proof of that. Also now it doesn't show you the correct labels, and says stuff like and artist.monthly-listeners-count instead.


Screen Shot 2020-04-26 at 8.13.57 PM.png


I want to be able to switch back to the desktop version. I've logged in on a different account on my desktop app and desktop version loads. When I log in on my account, the web version loads. Here's a screenshot for yall who don't believe me.


Please let me have the desktop player back. I love Spotify, have had an account for years, and this has been very frustrating.

Updated on 2020-11-16

This test will resume for some users from today. We're marking this Idea as "Not Right Now" as there won't be an option to switch back to Classic. The team have worked hard to bring back the features that were not available when the test previously ran earlier this year. If you are on the test, we'd love to hear your feedback in this thread:

Music Fan

I would almost certainly cancel my eight year consecutive Premium subscription if I'm forced to use the webplayer on desktop.

Music Fan

@codykerr77, im almost there haha. Only thing keeping me is my playlists.


The new desktop app is completely useless. I have no idea how any person at Spotify can think it is a good idea to release a new update missing features as essential as sorting playlists without providing users a way to opt out. I've been a premium subscriber for years, but if nothing is done about this soon, I will have to reconsider my subscription.


Spotify please bring back the local files option on desktop. This was the primary reason I chose you. Apple Music is the realistic alternative now.


I don't use the desktop app often, but logged on yesterday to organize some things and I couldn't figure out why some of the functions I'm used to weren't working.  Very disappointed.  There'a reason why we install the app instead of just using the browser.

Casual Listener

I didn't realize there were people who felt the same as I do. If they feel this is the right move to do the right move for us is to go to Apple Music or Tidal 


The amount of functionality lost with this update is ludicrous. I am not usually one to complain about UI updates (I mostly think they're fun), but this one removes a ton of crucial things that I relied on for music organization. This gives me serious incentive to switch back to Apple Music...


This idea got over 200 votes in just two **bleep**ing weeks. While you have other ideas that have over 500 that have been on here for months and they're still labeled as "new idea." You suck ass spotify. Clearly this is a big issue for your service.


I am very upset about this change as well.  If mine is not switched back before long I will cancel my premium and find a new service with the essential features that they took away.


Yes Spotify, please fix this!  I want to be able to copy, sort and update playlists!  as well as see the playlists of those I follow.