[Desktop] Allow an optional switch between desktop and web player look on desktop app

Basically, a few people got forced to switch to the web player for some kind of A/B test. Here are the disadvantages of the web player:


It is impossible to see the friends that you are following, follow any non artist profiles, to change the playlist image, search for a song within a playlist, or sort playlist by filters such as: date added; song length; artist name; or album name. It is also impossible to see an album on an artist's page after you click on the album. Here's video proof of that. Also now it doesn't show you the correct labels, and says stuff like and artist.monthly-listeners-count instead.


Screen Shot 2020-04-26 at 8.13.57 PM.png


I want to be able to switch back to the desktop version. I've logged in on a different account on my desktop app and desktop version loads. When I log in on my account, the web version loads. Here's a screenshot for yall who don't believe me.


Please let me have the desktop player back. I love Spotify, have had an account for years, and this has been very frustrating.

Updated on 2020-11-16

This test will resume for some users from today. We're marking this Idea as "Not Right Now" as there won't be an option to switch back to Classic. The team have worked hard to bring back the features that were not available when the test previously ran earlier this year. If you are on the test, we'd love to hear your feedback in this thread:


Absolutely agree, this changes the whole experience. If they don't go back to the classic desktop I'm probably switching to another service.


Definitely agree with everyone's statements. If I wanted to use something that looks like the web player, I would just use the web player. If this doesn't change, I'm 100% gonna look into switching to Apple Music. I've already been using Spotify less because of this. 


Hi there. Been a unwavering Spotify Premium user since 2012. I have stuck by Spotify thru a lot of annoying changes and feature removals because of the community and because I hate anything related to Apple and Amazon. But I would unequivocally say that if you had to audacity to remove all of the features that make the Desktop App useful (playlist images, sorting playlists, friend view, following users, etc.) that would be a bridge too far. 

I would take it as a slap to the face to all the users that have been loyal to your company. This would be the thing to make me cancel my Premium subscription after 8+ years and never come back. 

I suspect a lot of people here feel the same. 

Casual Listener

please PLEASE Spotify let us opt out of testing, the new format is terrible. I keep finding basic things missing from the User experience that Premium users are paying to have. 


The beta desktop version is SEVERELY lacking in features. We need an option to opt out of testing now.

  • artist pages no longer show songs. you have to click on the individual albums to access songs
  • viewing artists in your library just takes you to the artist page. it doesn't show your saved songs. the saved songs playlist could be a workaround for now but...
  • cannot edit, sort, or filter playlists
  • friend activity bar is now just a row of icons. you have to click it in order to see what others are playing. this isn't terrible, but it should definitely be optional behavior.

I've been a family premium customer for 6 years so at this point I'm used to Spotify removing features at random. But this test version is the biggest feature cut I've seen yet. As someone with a large and curated library, this is a TERRIBLE update. And there's no way to opt out.


The New Update Simplifies the UI at the cost of User Experience. If this does not change, we will switch to other providers.


I also updated my spotify today, and I was forced to switch to this version as well. I want to switch back to the desktop version so I can play my local files, see my friends profile and my overview, and so that I am able to edit playlist information. 


This version of spotify took away a lot of features that are the whole point of having spotify on your desktop, if people wanted their spotify to look like this they would use the web player.



Anyway, thank you for your time and I hope this can be resolved soon


This is ridiculous. Why should we have to vote to KEEP functionality? If I wanted to use the web player, I wouldn't be using the app!


I'm so **bleep** right now.  I didn't opt in to being some beta tester of an inferior UI.  Testing for what exactly?  The UI they've given me isn't a UI, it removes so much functionality that I might as well just be using that garbage web UI or Metro app.  As someone with a family subscription this is unacceptable, I should've been asked before being opted in to beta test garbage.


Everyone needs to blast them on Twitter so maybe they'll actually do something to avoid the bad PR.