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Allow me to re-edit again, in premise, that thanks to all of you this idea keeps receiving votes, and I am grateful to each of you, and when I expressed this desire as an idea I was a newbie, I owe to the professionality of Marco and Toku, whom I thank again, that I became aware that this idea it’s by no means new, nor even mine but Spotify’s, yet it is properly expressed, and it is shared by enough Community members for it to be still alive, and I agree with Arcanscape that, "We really need the lyrics feature", and I just notice an excellent temporary alternative of “SpotifyLyrics” kindly programmed and provided by Mirth (fr31): https://github.com/fr31/spotifylyrics/releases (via scoobyTdog), it works very well on my Pc 🙂 and I invite you all to try it.


Whilst singing might be fun, I have another approach to lyrics and sound, which is of course not mutually exclusive, and I read the words to see if I like them as I enjoy the melody, if I see myself in the lyrics, if I share the values expressed, and this is easier by having the words at hand.


So please Spotify bring back the Lyrics Feature most elegantly -- as you did with restyling the Community -- when you find a better Lyrics Provider.


Reading and listening might be even better than karaoke, although not as fun 😉

and every member could always do both, even just singing, as a very close person in my family does, and many other people do.


Thank you for evaluating, with my warmest and most sincere Regards.


Marco, a poet at heart


Updated on 2019-09-20

Hi everyone!


Thanks for bringing us your feedback in the Spotify Idea Exchange.


Please know your feedback is reaching the internal teams at Spotify, and they're aware of the votes around this idea. We'll continue to check out the comments here too.


If there are any updates, we'll let you know.




Every update I pray to lyrics come back!

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Hi @AndreFontesBR ,

The lyrics feature won't be rollout by an update and yes by server-side. Spotify is already testing the synced lyrics feature in app in some countries but we don't know when they will roll out globally.

Stay tuned to discover more!


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so I did a thing ... I got the Japanese version of Spotify because I was so fed up about this. Don’t hold your breath because it kinda sucks. For people that don’t know Japan has been the only country to receive lyrics support. Yet, the only issue is that Spotify doesn’t provide these lyrics, the public does. Meaning there is no standardization of the lyrics. Which means the synchronization of the lyrics sucks. The app used to sync the lyrics In Japan is called PetitLyrics Maker, and it might be the crappiest app I’ve ever used. I cannot even begin to explain how difficult it is to add lyrics, let alone syncing them. If this is the route that Spotify is going to take with its global release, I want no part of it.


I just found an excellent sync done for “Circles” by Post Malone. The lyrics are done Karaoke  style meaning each word is synced not the line. And there is a feature that allows you to block out the vocals like true karaoke. (See attached images). It also allows for you to increase and decrease the loudness of the vocals, so it’s comfortable for you. Check this out!!! This might have been done by Spotify staff. 



I confess I've not read all of the previous posts. Just switched from Amazon Music thinking I'd get a rather 'smarter' service, plus the family function works much better.  Thus far I've been fairly impressed, however I'm pretty dismayed that there are no meaningful lyrics included. The website suggests they do exist, but I've yet to encounter any track with included lyrics (and I don't think I'm that 'niche'). I almost always got them on Amazon Music. It's a real pain as I took great delight in singing along in the car as a passenger - drove my missus nuts !  Please get some functional synced lyric service up - might have to rethink Amazon !

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Hi @JackH429 how did you get the Japanese version of Spotify?

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Hi @ma_marquezini,
I used a VPN to spoof my location, as Spotify only lets you set your country based on the location of your IP. It works for free accounts as-well as paid, but paid is based on your billing address. So, if you’re so dedicated you could change your billing to reflect an address in Japan and have Japanese Spotify premium.


Just be aware that Spotify only allows you to be “abroad” for 14 days (2 weeks), so use a service such as Tunnel bear and boot up spotify from a Japanese IP once every 2 weeks, it’s unknown how strict they are with this. (you get 500 MB’s for free with tunnelbear every month, which is sufficient to boot the app 4 or 5 times). 

If you create a new account, just to try it out you can use this free tool to transfer your entire library (playlists and liked songs)

link: Open sourced transfer tool.

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Hi @JackH429

I tried by using a different IP address with TunnelBear on a free and paid account, but it didn't work. I'm not so dedicated to making a change in my billing information haha. Did you see the lyrics in a premium account using TunnelBear and you needed to change your billing information?

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Go on the Spotify website via your computer, there are many ways to “spoof” your location tunnelbear is what I used. I did change my billing because why not. But I tried it out on a free account first. 

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Hi @JackH429,

It worked! The free plan sucks so I couldn't explore so much the music options.

The feature worked pretty cool (when the song is synced) because some songs aren't synced so, it's possible just to see the lyrics while you listen to the song.

WhatsApp Image 2020-02-15 at 17.51.36.jpeg

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Yeah it’s pretty cool, I’ve mastered the lyrics submission app so I’ve been going through and adding and syncing songs. I also try to fix songs that were synced incorrectly, as the lyrics submission isn’t regulated at all so there is a lot of irregularities. The lyrics submission app (PetitLyrics Maker) is only available though a premium subscription, but the premium account doesn’t need to be Japanese, so an American account will do.