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Allow me to re-edit again, in premise, that thanks to all of you this idea keeps receiving votes, and I am grateful to each of you, and when I expressed this desire as an idea I was a newbie, I owe to the professionality of Marco and Toku, whom I thank again, that I became aware that this idea it’s by no means new, nor even mine but Spotify’s, yet it is properly expressed, and it is shared by enough Community members for it to be still alive, and I agree with Arcanscape that, "We really need the lyrics feature", and I just notice an excellent temporary alternative of “SpotifyLyrics” kindly programmed and provided by Mirth (fr31): (via scoobyTdog), it works very well on my Pc 🙂 and I invite you all to try it.


Whilst singing might be fun, I have another approach to lyrics and sound, which is of course not mutually exclusive, and I read the words to see if I like them as I enjoy the melody, if I see myself in the lyrics, if I share the values expressed, and this is easier by having the words at hand.


So please Spotify bring back the Lyrics Feature most elegantly -- as you did with restyling the Community -- when you find a better Lyrics Provider.


Reading and listening might be even better than karaoke, although not as fun 😉

and every member could always do both, even just singing, as a very close person in my family does, and many other people do.


Thank you for evaluating, with my warmest and most sincere Regards.


Marco, a poet at heart


Updated on 2019-09-20

Hi everyone!


Thanks for bringing us your feedback in the Spotify Idea Exchange.


Please know your feedback is reaching the internal teams at Spotify, and they're aware of the votes around this idea. We'll continue to check out the comments here too.


If there are any updates, we'll let you know.




Here is another really sad person, about that shut down Lyrics funtion.. The post started two weeks ago? So, I guess it's about time to tell why the "making it better" takes so long.. And why it wasn't possible to first test that, befor shutting down the feature in the first way.. 😕


Iread something about sound hound that they work now for or with spotify, does the same


My subscription renews on July 4th. If there isn't a comparable new lyrics option in place by 7/1, I will be permanently canceling my subscription and will take my money to another service.


Dropping such a crucial feature without warning and for what certainly seem like greedy business reasons is a display of abhorrent, flagrant disregard for the experience of not just users but PAYING subscribers. "Humming is fun" is an utter insult to your paying subscribers. Whoever is responsible for writing such a distasteful remark should be re-educated on the use of tone in writing or fired, because that phrasing sure carries an intensely snarky, presumptuous tone to upset subscribers, which is about the absolute worst thing you can do in a PR save-face attempt.


Google Play Music + a Chrome extension will give me comparable song options and lyrics in-browser.


Apple Music will be integrating lyrics with iOS 10 and an iTunes update (read: a beta of that will be out in a month or so) and also has a comparable music catalog. As my devices run on iOS or OS X, this would actually be a great option for me.


This is probably one of the worst times you could have made a move like this. 6 months ago you might have had enough leverage over the industry to pull this off and cleanly recover, but with Apple partnering with their labels to get lyrics integrated into Apple Music, you're now treading on rather precarious ground.

Gig Goer

I hope the lyrics feature will be available in all spheres (operas, songs, lieder) for all European languages and not just English songs.


Here I'm very sad for not having lyrics anymore. I want it, I need it. Not having lyrics make Spotify to appear as an incomplete, defective service. PLEASE ADD LYRICS BACK!!!!!!!!


If there are no lyrics offered, what is the point of spotify vs. other music services? I for one will be unsubscribing at the end of this month if no update has been given. 


                                Community Manager

Community Manager
Status changed to: Watch this space

Updated: 2016-05-30

Our lyrics feature is currently unavailable as we're making some big improvements to the feature. We'll share more updates soon. 
Please share any feedback you have here in the community.


If it takes over 2 weeks to get any updates, I am not optimistic lyrics are coming back anytime soon.

Casual Listener

i usually listen to music and sing along on Spotify Desktop. Lyrics feature is very helpful since searching for lyrics of every song in a web brower is very tiring. Please keep this lyrics feature. 


The App for Mobile should have also the lyrics functionality integrated as well. I was always spect that on Spotify and now Apple announces that Apple Music App will have lyrics! Please! 


way to ruin spotify goodjob. time to stick to youtubeRed or pandora