[Desktop][Developer] Add support for Apple Silicon (ARM64 on Mac)

Feature request:

Add support for Apple Silicon in a future Spotify release on Mac OS.


Apple have recently released a new generation of Macs based on their own Apple Silicon. I hope that Spotify will prioritize native support for this new CPU architecture.  If so the best music platform on the Mac, will continue running great natively on the new generation Mac hardware.

Updated on 2021-06-15

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Casual Listener

Definitely agree - would love to see native support 🙂


The Spotify app is basically a web app in its own dedicated window. I can't imagine being it that hard to port to Apple Silicon, to be honest. I'm sure Spotify had access to the dev kit Apple loaned to developers this past summer.


Not sure if the desktop app is based on Electron or not, but as of version 11.0.0 of Electron, the there's a build that run on the new Apple Silicon. 





Music Fan

Can't you use the Spotify iPad app on M1? Honest question. 


Not from the App Store. You can extract the IPA (iPhone App executable) from your iPhone and run it, though this is supported.


Seems peculiar that Spotify hasn't allowed that as an interim, perhaps the experience isn't good enough.


All they'd have to do is re-compile the current app with universal code, since it's based on Chromium (Google Chrome), and that's available natively on M1


telo123 is 100% right.

Well I will try Apple Music in the end, I guess.

Casual Listener

With all due respect, I love Spotify but, this should have be done already. It's been clear that Apple would be bringing Apple Sillicon all the way back when WWDC2020 was held.

Casual Listener

Definitely agree with this request. Sadly the App is quite prone to crashing on my MacBook Pro M1 if left open during idle for extended periods of time, and won't play music until it has been closed and reopened.


I have the same problem with crashing. Honestly I would prefer to just run the iPad App if it is going to have better stability.


I would be really happy if Spotify took this step to make the software compatible. This would make me feel like my premium membership is worth it.

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