[Desktop][Developer] Add support for Apple Silicon (ARM64 on Mac)

Feature request:

Add support for Apple Silicon in a future Spotify release on Mac OS.


Apple have recently released a new generation of Macs based on their own Apple Silicon. I hope that Spotify will prioritize native support for this new CPU architecture.  If so the best music platform on the Mac, will continue running great natively on the new generation Mac hardware.

Updated on 2021-06-15

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My Spotify app has just updated to the updated design on my M1 MacBook Air, more similar to the web version but you can reorder the songs of a playlist and download them. On Activity Monitor it still says "Intel", but lets see how well it performs, how often it crashes and how energy efficient it is. Either way, it's positive to see things are changing.


Why the **bleep** is this taking so lang? The dev kit has been available for over 10 months now! This is so bad. 

Casual Listener

6 months and you guys already have ARM clients for other platforms. Imagine being this lazy.

Casual Listener

As telo123 said, this should not be something Spotify polls users to see if they should do. JUST DO IT! WE'RE PAYING YOU FOR A SERVICE, FOR F$@K'S SAKE! This post is half a year old by now and Spotify still CONSTANTLY crashes on my M1 MacBook Pro and reverts back to some buggy version periodically after I do clean reinstalls. This is moronic!



I have been using a M1 Mac since December 2020 now, and I use Spotify everyday.

Although it would be nice to have a M1 app, I personally don't experience any problem with the current Intel programme.

The new M1 Mac are very powerful overall and I think they can afford a few apps that are not M1-native, even if it requires a bit more RAM or CPU.


Like many, many others have said before me; it's quite infuriating to pay quite some €€€€ for an app only for it to be plastered with content (podcasts) I don't want and no way to hide or disable it, but still have to do with the app running in the 'compatibility layer' of macOS when Apple has introduced a second line of Apple Silicon based Macs.


Here's for an idea Spotify: Apple Silicon support is a basic requirement, not a feature!


Happy Six-Month Anniversary, [Desktop][Developer] Add support for Apple Silicon (ARM64 on Mac) Spotify Community Feature Request!!!!! 🎉


These constant app crashes on my MacBook Air M1 are getting a bit much now. We are paying a premium price for it yet nothing is being done about it.


What is the deal Spotify?  At least let your users know an ETA for the arm release.  The current app is buggy on an M1 mac.


Another unhappy spotify customer. I've stoped using it on my computer since the non native version crashes a lot and its the largest powerhog in my system... 

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