[Desktop][Developer] Add support for Apple Silicon (ARM64 on Mac)

Feature request:

Add support for Apple Silicon in a future Spotify release on Mac OS.


Apple have recently released a new generation of Macs based on their own Apple Silicon. I hope that Spotify will prioritize native support for this new CPU architecture.  If so the best music platform on the Mac, will continue running great natively on the new generation Mac hardware.

Updated on 2020-11-12

Hello and thanks for bringing your feedback to the Idea Exchange. We've marked this as a new idea.
Spotify Staff will look into this idea once it reaches the necessary amount of votes.

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Now that there are more Macs releasing with M1 perhaps the odds will get better that we'll see an Apple Silicon native app?


There are like 3 apps I use that still run in Rosetta 2


• Spotify

• Discord

• Signal


It'll be hilarious if photoshop supports Apple Silicon before Spotify.


M1 support now!

Casual Listener

please add support Apple Silicon


it's been over 5 months now since you acknowledged this wish we have and still nothing has happened ... I just can't believe it. How can small developers support M1 within weeks and you guys can not???


Dear Spotify CS Team,

I'm worried and disappointed in the level of engagement you are having with your user community.

Your negligence and silence is worrisome, if you have a community platform - you must engage, otherwise your users are just talking to each other and getting frustrated. You could just as well shut down the entire community platform.

The M1 Silicon support is a _CRITICAL_ issue - not a convenience issue.
I've been a mostly happy, Premium Spotify user for a good +10 years and I am seriously considering moving to Apple Music.


Hope you give this issue and your concerned users the attention they deserve - not just an automated scripted reply.


First of all: I'd really like to see a M1 client. The massively inflated memory footprint and relatively regular crashes aren't great.


That being said, some people in here seem to need a bit of a reality check. I would be very surprised if Spotify had no telemetry that reports the hardware its installed on home - they have 345 million monthly active users. Let's say of the 7 million sold Macs in Q4 2020, 30% were M1 Macs at 2.1 million, and of those, 10% are Spotify users at 210k, and of those, 30% give a damn about memory footprint and native Apple Silicon performance at 63k. That's 63k monthly active users out of 345 million, or about 0.02%.

Reading some of the posts, it reads as if it's a matter of life and death to get a native client. It's a minor inconvenience. Cut them some slack.

The only thing we can agree on is that this is not about life and death. Other than that, heck no, they shouldn’t get any slack.
It’s the sum of it all that pisses people off. They are terrible at communicating, they knew M1’s were coming and they are ridiculously late to the party. Smaller companies have done more with less, and this is why people get **bleep** off. They could have enabled the iOS app on the Mac as a temporary fix, but no.


Slack? 😄 Really? When devs making DAW's are porting to M1, and communicating to their paying customers.. and Spotify hasn't said a single word, I cut them no slack. Its not even about a client, it's about their lack of response and insulting shitty pre saved answers they post here. That is why people are angry. To be honest, Apple Music will gain a good few clients with this. 


same problem - M1 chip, spotify crashing.
can only presume this is being worked on.
commenting just to add weight to this issue