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[Desktop][Developer] Spotify for Windows on Arm (Win32) Desktop app badly needed

Can you tell me when Spotify will be released for Windows on ARM and where on your Roadmap it is?


Windows on ARM PCs have been out a few years now and whilst the 32-Bit Windows App works, due to software emulation not optimally.


Apple announced on the 22nd of June Macs are moving to ARM starting the end of the year and they expect the transition away from Intel to ARM to take 2 years. Both Microsoft and Adobe are working on ARM compatibility.

Currently on my Microsoft Surface Pro X I have to use the 32-Bit download which lags.

A new idea was posted for this last year but it's been closed as it didn't get enough Likes but it didn't get enough Likes as it's been closed 😕 -


Updated on 2022-05-30

Hey everyone,


As announced previously, the beta release is now ready and can be downloaded from THIS LINK.


Please uninstall any any previous versions of Spotify and install the Arm beta from the link above. Before doing so, make sure that you’re indeed using an Arm processor.


The current version is There may be subsequent updates which will work much like those on the Desktop app.


There is currently one known issue with this release - some video Podcast episodes can't be played and trying to do so results in an error message about updating the Spotify client version. There is a workaround to this for those of you who want to play this content, but also want to test the beta and help us improve it. Just go to the Share option in the menu, copy the Web link and paste it in your browser to then watch it there in the web player instead.


We would love to hear your feedback on what works fine and if you encounter any technical hiccups. This will help us develop this version of the app and ensure it meets your expectations 🙂


It's 32-Bit not x64 btw. 32-Bit or ARM64.

Good point. I noticed this but it's only the 32-Bit version offered if you try and download it and it's only the 32-Bit version on the Microsoft Store.

Ah you're right, 32 bits 🙂

Your question about the Microsoft Store is valid. I did look for a it
recently and it's only being offered in 32bits.

Is there a timeframe for this being released out of beta and published in the MS store? It's been a number of months and I've yet to experience any problems that would be unique to the platform. It's been working as well as any of my x86 machines.


Hi jay_ebooks.


I've been wondering just the same. The Beta has been out for 5 months now:


It is getting updates, but it seems like they've forgotten about it a bit.


It's also an issue as Tech Reviewers are now reviewing the new Surface Pro 9 with 5G and it's clear from the Verge's review for example, he's not aware an ARM64 build exists. Spotify is mentioned in their Surface Pro 9 with 5G review and it heavily infers he's using the x86 version. It's a knock down for the platform because the likes of Spotify haven't released the ARM64 build fully still.

As per usual with the Verge and the Windows on ARM platform, the Tech journalist didn't do his research but to be fair if you go to it only offers you the x86 32-Bit App.


As far as I can tell this is the only place Spotify mention the ARM64 build :/.

Completely agreed, was very disappointed to see the Verge review, especially as the ARM64 version is performing very well indeed on my Surface Pro X SQ2.

Please Spotify, release this soon and get the kudos your platform deserves for a great ARM implementation.

Hi JonS1.


Absolutely agreed.


Me too. The reviewer's point about Slack was valid, but using Chrome just to be obstinate is just what they did in 2019 when the Surface Pro X launched. Yes Google should've released Chrome for WoA but when Edge is so similar, it's being given more weight than it deserves.

The same review infers both Spotify and Lightroom run poorly, but Spotify for ARM64 has been out since 05/2022 and Lightroom for ARM64 since 05/2021. 
Adobe should be properly offering both Lightroom (and Photoshop) on their Creative Cloud platform. The reviewer didn't go into details why he wasn't using it.


Slack aside, I thought the whole review had a bias to it making out the platform is much worse than it is in reality. Yes I wouldn't want Game or Video edit on it, but then I wouldn't choose an Intel based Surface Pro for these tasks either. It's unreasonable expectations.

General purpose use the Windows on ARM platform offers major benefits over Intel/AMD based PCs.


The current beta version runs very well. Why not put it up on MIcrosoft Store?


When will we get the ARM version for Linux?