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[Desktop] Full Discography Reinstatement

The full chronological artist discography, with all tracks listed out, has been removed from artist pages. Please add this back, as it was the most efficient way to explore an Artist's discography. Very simple.


Spotify seems to be attempting to bury this issue by closing attempts to bring it up and referring to other versions of this question that have also been closed. This is a new issue for users that are experiencing this change for the first time.





Updated on 2021-04-06

Hi there,


Thanks for reaching out about this.

We'll mark this Idea as "Under Consideration" as we discuss ways in the team to bring this use-case back to Desktop, and perhaps to web for the first time.


You can currently play through the entire discography (with shuffle on or off) by using the large play button on the artist page, but we appreciate that starting this from a specific track was something many of you were keen on.


You can get more info about this here. You can also take a peek at the newsroom announcement for the new desktop app.


You can also Subscribe via the 3-dot menu and keep an eye on this thread for updates.




Agree wholeheartedly with everyones comments. What kind of users are you even testing these changes with before you make them live? You guys got it majorly wrong with this one, and the only way forward is to accept it, revert back to the previous experience, reiterate and try again. Whatever new goals you were trying to achieve with this redesign are irrelevant when they hinder the UX so much.


Yes, super annoying, and what do you mean by "You can currently play through the entire discography (with shuffle on or off) by using the large play button on the artist page"? How does pressing that button play the songs in chronological album order?


I opened spotify, and suddenly everything was different. And I really don't like it.  It's got so annoyed actually, that it drove me to use this community forum for the first time ever. This layout annoys me on mobile as well, but I can kind of see it making sense on small screens. However, on large screens it's just unnecessarily confusing and hard to navigate. 

I will however admit that it looks pretty. So instead of just reverting to what it used to be, I STRONGLY suggest adding some customisability to Spotify already, and allowing people to make choices about things like this in settings.


This new release is terrible! I listen to artists, not albums. I search for artists, not albums. Some songs I like a lot but could not tell you the name of the album they are on. So, I have to google it first? Occasionally I like to sort my song selections by song title because several artists will do their version and I like to listen to them one after the other to hear the different presentations. Not possible any more.  I like to sort artists by name to see if I have a particular song of theirs in my playlist. Not possible any more. What were you thinking?


For me, the biggest problem here is, that the discography shows "Album", but opening the "Album", in reality, this is an EP.
A discography could be only one list, but it always should be marked, which entry is a single, an EP, or an album. But indeed the old listing was far better here because I can simply scroll through all the albums of an artist. Was much faster than now.


Please bring it back!


If Spotify won't go back to the old full track listing for each album I will cancel my premium subscription. The way it currently works is super annoying and takes all Joy from browsing songs on an artists page, which, basically, isn't even possible anymore.


Like I said before, it seems like Spotify have no idea or understand regarding people that use their platform. Especially the desktop users!!!!!!


“Under Consideration” oh wow, how patronising Spotify. Both you and I know this was a massive feature depreciation. Instead of elevating the mobile version you decided to cripple the desktop version. Please just add this feature back.


Artist page list view is back! WOOOOHOOOOOO! And it has come to the web player for the first time. I like how more advanced the web player is getting at the same time. 


However, I don't like that you have to switch between an albums and singles view. There should be a little box you can check for combined view for those that prefer it like in the old desktop app. Having more options is good in this case. So glad to have this view back. Thank you! 💚


Artist page list view is back!.png