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[Desktop] Full Discography Reinstatement

The full chronological artist discography, with all tracks listed out, has been removed from artist pages. Please add this back, as it was the most efficient way to explore an Artist's discography. Very simple.


Spotify seems to be attempting to bury this issue by closing attempts to bring it up and referring to other versions of this question that have also been closed. This is a new issue for users that are experiencing this change for the first time.





Updated on 2021-04-06

Hi there,


Thanks for reaching out about this.

We'll mark this Idea as "Under Consideration" as we discuss ways in the team to bring this use-case back to Desktop, and perhaps to web for the first time.


You can currently play through the entire discography (with shuffle on or off) by using the large play button on the artist page, but we appreciate that starting this from a specific track was something many of you were keen on.


You can get more info about this here. You can also take a peek at the newsroom announcement for the new desktop app.


You can also Subscribe via the 3-dot menu and keep an eye on this thread for updates.



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Artist page list view is back! WOOOOHOOOOOO! And it has come to the web player for the first time. I like how more advanced the web player is getting at the same time. 


However, I don't like that you have to switch between an albums and singles view. There should be a little box you can check for combined view for those that prefer it like in the old desktop app. Having more options is good in this case. So glad to have this view back. Thank you! 💚


Artist page list view is back!.png


exactly that, they should make the desktop version more resourceful.


The "play" button starts playing the artist's top 10 most popular songs by popularity and then goes to artist radio. If you shuffle I'm not entirely sure what criteria it uses to pick songs, but it does appear to stick to that artist. I really want the feature to add the artist's entire discography to the queue back.


I'm actually not sure I actually want it chronologically - what I actually want is albums to stay in their internal order. This is a bigger deal for musicals or other narrative albums than it is for conventional albums which are less reliant on narrative. But I do definitely want an easy way to know I've listened to all the artist's songs. The old chronological view was excellent for that, and it was the primary way I listened to music - this seriously makes me wonder if I should cancel spotify and look into other services since I'm going to have to spend a lot more time making playlists now to get something Spotify can do very easily by sorting albums by date.


I am amazed, that this change was aparently done on purpose, I thought I was going blind or there was i technical issue.


Anyway, can somebody point me towards a good alternative to spotify?


Yes, the new discography is now far more cumbersome and much more laborious to search through. Having to click on each album or single release to see the listings and then go back to the main discography screen every time is a real hassle. Compared to previously where  you could just simply scroll down the whole list of an artist's albums and singles and see everything on one page.


Please give us the option to be able to view the discography as before, as this new menu is a retrograde step in usability.


Please fix this!! I'm considering getting rid of spotify because of it. It makes accessibility very difficult. I generally don't want to play all of the songs from one artist... I go to a specify album or song. Now it's so difficult to find songs that I just give up. 


Such a frustrating update! A real downgrade, full discography was such a simple and efficient way to navigate. I want to be able to have an overview of the songs titles, see if the albums were short or long ones, if they were initially several discs, quickly identify an album with songs that features a guest artist, etc.... all this is not possible anymore.

The look and feel after that update is worse than before, too much contrast, missing selections (listened recently, ...)  You just made me want to look for other platforms.



Just fire your UX designer, he just made you loose a lot of happy premium users.

I recently restarted Spotify for the first time in ages and found I now had an updated version. On the whole I have no problems with this, the new features that I have no interest in can be switched off in settings. However, the main feature I've always used has just disappeared with no option to switch on/off. 
I appreciate that everyone listens to music in different ways, just as they like different music. In Spotify I always select(ed) an artist and see/select all discography/albums which showed me all tracks and enabled me to play from the first track on the latest release to the last on the oldest. This is not only great for artists I know and like but also when investigating new (to me) artists where I don't know what I'll like best.
With the new version of Spotify (I'm mostly using desktop) there is now only the option to select an individual album, one at a time, which I could already do before the upgraded version. 
I know I'm not the only one to find this frustrating as I found a huge number of similar comments when trying to Google a solution. Would Spotify please put back the ability to show/play all tracks on all albums for an artist that was there before? 

Adding my name to the list. The new update isn't awful. It's cleaner, although now 90% of actions require an extra click. But these are things I can get used to and look past


But why in the world do I now have to either search for a specific song in the search, or check each album to find it? Too much compactness on an app that really doesn't need to be so compact


Just got the update this morning. I am a desktop-user first and searching through the discography was the primary way I interacted with Spotify, so this change is hugely disappointing, headache-inducing, and confusing. It seems a music player should make interacting with the music you're looking for easier, not hide it behind more clicks. Really terrible design to have "Fans Also Like / Appears On / Featuring as equally sized elements on the page and not just show the songs by the artist you're looking for. I don't need my Spotify to be an ipod shuffle, I'd like to just pick what ******* song I want to hear.