[Desktop] Full Discography Reinstatement

The full chronological artist discography, with all tracks listed out, has been removed from artist pages. Please add this back, as it was the most efficient way to explore an Artist's discography. Very simple.


Spotify seems to be attempting to bury this issue by closing attempts to bring it up and referring to other versions of this question that have also been closed. This is a new issue for users that are experiencing this change for the first time.





Updated on 2021-04-06

Hi there,


Thanks for reaching out about this.

We'll mark this Idea as "Under Consideration" as we discuss ways in the team to bring this use-case back to Desktop, and perhaps to web for the first time.


You can currently play through the entire discography (with shuffle on or off) by using the large play button on the artist page, but we appreciate that starting this from a specific track was something many of you were keen on.


You can get more info about this here. You can also take a peek at the newsroom announcement for the new desktop app.


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Artist page list view is back! WOOOOHOOOOOO! And it has come to the web player for the first time. I like how more advanced the web player is getting at the same time. 


However, I don't like that you have to switch between an albums and singles view. There should be a little box you can check for combined view for those that prefer it like in the old desktop app. Having more options is good in this case. So glad to have this view back. Thank you! 💚


Artist page list view is back!.png


This also needs to be addressed on mobile because the artist’s discography as vertical scrolling is a disaster. It should be a horizontal scrolling section right on the artist’s homepage.


Approaching the 1-year mark of this idea and it is still under consideration.

Hopefully it does get implemented soon!


@AyyMayy I guess people who were most desperate about fancy new version found way how to keep pre-unification Spotify running. Rest got used to it, so show goes on...


The new discography system I've got on the Mac desktop client is atrocious - if I click an album from an artist page I want to see that album, not their whole discography! If I wanted to open that page I would have clicked "see all". And it doesn't even remember your list vs grid view preference any more. Another step backwards 🙄


Hey @SnowLeppard 


There used to be 2 rows on artist pages, one for singles, and one for albums. Now there is just a single row with filters to choose from: Popular, Albums, Singles & EPs. If you click one of the releases shown, it will take you to the full list page and the filter at the top right corner will be based on what filter was chosen from the main single row.


In desktop app version 1.1.83 the issue of not remembering list vs grid view preference has been fixed.


This update is rolling out now so you should hopefully see it within 1-2 weeks.


However it looks like it only remembers the grid view if you click on "view all" or on the "discography" title. If you click on a release from the single row, it will always take you to the list view. This is expected behavior so that it can show you the list of songs from the album you clicked on.



 But then the problem is that if you want to listen to a particular album (and just that album) and click on the album and it goes to list view, it'll keep playing the next album.


Also, why would it default to "popular" instead of chronological or "all?"




Ugh. The little bubble tabs are now how search works, too?


I must have just got this update. Why do y'all love these so much? They're kind of terrible.


Thanks for fixing this. Full discography seems to be working again on my desktop client!

Agreed. Please reinstate.


So after over a year of being "under consideration" I'm guessing this is never going to actually be addressed. Devs just digging their heels in deeper trying to make us like what they want instead of the other way around.

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