[Desktop] Import iTunes Playlists

It was such a good feature that made Spotify complete. I is so easy that you could import the playlists and don't have to use 2 different applications. Best of both worlds.

Spotify does not give an explanation or reason why they disabled it and tells me to share it with the community.

Do we really have to quit Spotify and go to Apple Music for this??

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Jan DC

Updated on 2018-06-25

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I am apoplectic/fuming...can anyone explain why 982 songs(and paid an average of £0.89p each) which I transferred from Itunes in ?Jan 2014 are suddenly greyed out/unplayable-this is the main reason I moved from Itunes to Spotify Premium and have been paying £9.99 per month since-cant play any recovered playlists because they are greyed out too-Ive wasted hours trawling Spotify Community and Google to find a workable solution for a non-tecchie like me-why should I have to pay for an App which I dont know will work on my kit when Spotify induced me to move and take on their  Premium account so I could also listen to purchased Itunes tracks?!!!


I had thousands of song downloaded as local files on an old PC, and added to iTunes playlists going back years. That old PC crashed and I don't have that it anymore, so the only remnant of my old playslists are imported to spotify. Now all those playlists are 90% grayed out, as the local files don't exist anymore. I'm extremely disappointed that Spotify can't recognize these songs and automatically star them, or import them to a new Spotify playlist. I can't manually search and re-add thousands of songs... 


Come on Spotify, fix this. 


This feature seems to have been removed back in 2015 and then reintroduced again.  Now in 2019 it is no longer there. What is happening?  Why on earth take it away.  I am primarely an iTunes user and want to convert to only Spotify, but will not do so if I cant import my playlists...

Casual Listener

Hear, hear!


Playlists belong to the users that create them; It's our data.

Soon enough there will be regulations that require services like Spotify to implement import and export functionality. This underhanded way to lock in users won't fly much longer.

Once people realize it's shyte like this that tries to keep them captive they'll demand their freedom.


That or Spotify is trying to make it harder for their listeners to ask for certain songs in an attempt to control their licensing costs.


Either way there is no technical reason this wasn't implemented years ago other than Spotify trying to lock you in. Get woke people.


Thinking about moving from Amazon to Spotify, but a feature I used in the early days of testing spotify to import my "music" and playlists seems to be gone.  I assume this is what you are talking about.  Also, I can't find a way to import my Amazon playlists I've created?


I have used itunes2spotify for years, works great, developer supported and is free with a suggested donation. 

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