[Desktop] Keyboard Hotkey to queue Track(s)

I often browse my playlist and would love to be able to just quickly press something like the Q key to add the selected song(s) to the queue. Now I have to use my mouse again and it gets pretty annoying to quickly add songs to the playqueue.


Would love to have it more work like it did in programs like WinAmp. There you could just press Q to add the song to the queue, select multiple songs and in the playlist queue you could easily rearrange the songs. Now in Spotify it's a little harder to perform these things.

Updated on 2017-07-05

Hey @skarnl we've come back to this idea as it's been some time since our last update. We saw this had grown in votes so we brought it to our Desktop teams again. Right now this isn't something we're looking to build (there are other improvements we'd like to make first). We're changing this to 'Not Right Now' but if this gets added to our pipeline then we'll bring this back to 'Good Idea'. Thanks for your continued feedback everyone!

Casual Listener

Mac - Ctrl+click then Queue the song is too tedious. I start listening to a song and then pick out songs I want to listen to next, this just makes it annoying. Need an icon next to play to enqueue song!


iPhone - on the iPhone I could not find a way to queue up a song... even if it's present it's hard to find. I have to constantly wait for song to end and then play the next one. Make this easy!!




I'd prefer an option in Preferences to make Queue the default option when double clicking. I almost always want to Queue instead of Play a track right now. It doesn't have to be the default option.


There's a similar thread on the old forum here:




+1 for an option for double clicking (or selecting in the iPhone app) to queue.


Like above this is almost always what I'd like to do, and would be best for interupting playlists, especially when on shuffle!


On the odd occasions I want to switch right away, I would be more than happy to double click (or select) and then skip the current track.


This has to be the most consistantly ignored suggestion in Spotify's history.


+1, Yes please!  Seems like this has been something that people have been asking for since the beginning days of Spotify.  If you can create such a bitch'n application like Spotify then adding in a hotkey to queue a song up shouldn't be too difficult....would it??


My biggest pain point in Spotify, and possibly my only real complaint.  How Spotify handles this drives me nuts.


I agree on both having a modifier-click and being able to have queue the default action. Rhapsody has both (and has forever).

Yes yes please!!! The mouse one is more important to me, but I use add-to-queue much more often than play.