[Desktop] Local Files: Support More Formats (AAC, ALAC, WAV, AIFF, APE, WMA)



First of all. I know this idea has been submitted before in this post, however this has been a while ago.

Also lbdsgn added some sort of similair idea (in this post).


Please make it possible to add more, different music formats to local Files.

Now we're only able to add .mp3/.mp4/.m4p files to this folder.


Personally I have a lot of mixtapes which are recorderd as a .wav format and would really like to see the possibility to add these songs to my local files folder too.


Down here I have typed a list of common used music formats:







Hope to hear from you soon



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Updated on 2018-10-19

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This seriously needs to get done.


I would kill for this feature (plus syncing those files to mobile devices). Of course, that's an exaggeration but I seriously hope Spotify makes this happen. Until then, I'll be using Plex for my FLAC files.


I just tested local playback with some M4A test files containing Apple's lossless format ALAC downloaded from Hyperion' home page which is a classical music label. These work fine in the Spotify desktop client v1.0.96.181 with Windows 10 Home which comes with an ALAC codec, as long as you do not alter their track name e.g. to make it easier recognizing the ALAC vs. the MP3 version. Those are encoded with Lame 3.98 at -V0 plus some additional command line switches according to MediaInfo, so they result in ~230kbps VBR. You can download them as well to test if you can hear a difference. The FLAC versions are also available on that page.


Long story short: if you convert your FLAC files to ALAC, you should be able to add them to Spotify playlists mixing local and streaming files. There are several free conversion tools available to do that.

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It would be fantastic if local lossless files were also supported. Better-sounding user playlists!


In fact I'm a bit weirded out by the fact the app doesn't support .wav, which is a file format every single audio-capable applet and device supports.

(alright, pretty sure there are other rare platforms and apps that don't, but...!)


I understand that many users don't really care about audio quality and will listen to their mp3's, but in my opinion it would be fair to give those who care the features they'd like. I have seen plenty of users who want to add their local lossless library into their Spotify playlists.