[Desktop] Music playback in Modern Standby

With windows 8, Microsoft introduced a feature called 'Connected Standby', renamed to Modern Standby in Windows 10. Modern standby replaces the traditional Sleep power states (S1, S2 and S3) with a low-power Active power state (S0 low-power). Modern Standby is supported on some SoC devices, like tablets and some smaller laptops.


If you, like me, happen to own a device that supports Modern Standby you'll find that Spotify playback stops as soon as the screen turns of. This happens because as the screen turns off the system shifts from the Active (S0) power state to Modern Standby (S0 low-power), and apparently Spotify isn't quite compatible with Modern Standby yet.


I'd like to see Spotify working with the Modern Standby power state to enable owners of devices supporting that power state to listen to music while their display is off, because right now the display has to be turned on to keep music playing. I'd like to suggest updating the Spotify desktop program to be made compatible with Modern Standby, making the Windows Phone app compatible with PCs as well or, if necessary, developing a new Universal Windows Platform (UWP) app, which has been suggested before.






Before this is marked as a duplicate of this thread (like happened here) allow me to point out that the afforementioned thread concerns preventing the system from entering traditional sleep (S1, S2 and S3) while I'm suggesting to have music playback continue during Modern Standby (S0 low-power).




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This is a feature that is really missing in Spotify and for a paid service, that is pretty disappointing. Thus, I suggest to leave an appropriate review in the microsoft store when you also have a modern device such as a surface pro 3 / 4 / 5 to make the developers realize the importance of this feature.


Otherwise, Spotify will make you use your device much like a desktop computer by preventing modern standby when you want to listen to music while the screen is off. Imagine having to keep your phone unlocked as long as you want to listen to music!!! That's so 1999!


Was my "Idea" marked as a duplicate of yours?


My post was the second link in your post above, and is shown as a duplicate.

Bit of a pisstake given that I posted on the 22nd May, and you only posted 2 weeks ago, why isn't yours a duplicate of mine hahaa?


In any case, this definitely needs to be fixed, especially since Modern Standyby has been around for so long now, and Spotify should really work with it by now!

This is what caused such a load of cmplaints from Surface Pro users, exactly the same cause!




Great post. I shouldn't have to disable Connected Standby on my laptop.


Thank you for taking note of this, it is impossible to listen to music with my Windows tablet without depleting the battery as the screen must stay on all the time ! Looking forward to a fix.


I have the same problem on my DELL XPS13. This is a critical bug on Spotify, it is totally unacceptable to a Music Streaming Service not working on a notebook when the screen turns off automatically.


No one on Spotify uses a notebook with Windows 10? Come on guys!


I see that this only got 14 votes by this time. 


Most of the people maybe don't care about this feature just yet, 'cus they don't have machine that supports modern standby and not running into this problem. But as soon as they upgrade their hardware.... 


Have this problem on my Linx 1020.  Very frustrating.


It's one of those features that is a massive deal-breaker for me. I'd switch away from Spotify if Deezer did a £5/mo student deal. Deezer supports connected standby, as does Groove Music.


So finally signed up for Spotify premium trial, to find that the player stops playing when device goes into power saving mode as it should, windows 10.  Was intending to purchase full subscription. but will not while this remains an issue