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[Desktop] Notify Spotify of incorrect metadata or broken tracks from Desktop App

There should be a link on every track/album to easily notify Spotify of incorrect metadata such as incorrect artist, track name, album art etc.

Updated on 2017-09-22


Quick update on this folks. We're currently testing something new called Line-In--our new metadata crowdsourcing platform. 


Line-In is a tool that allows our most trusted fans and music lovers (like you) to suggest edits to the information we have about artists, albums, and songs on Spotify. This will help improve, extend, and confirm the data describing music - which will in turn help us improve experiences for Spotify Users and the Artists creating the music on Spotify.


We need some volunteers to test this tool at the moment. If you're interested please sign up here.



For now, please note that if you’re unable to play a track, there could be a few possible reasons why:

  1. The track isn’t available in your country.
  2. You haven’t synced the track for offline use.
  3. You aren’t online.

You may find reinstalling the app using these steps helps in some cases. If you have continued issues, just send us an email. We'll then report the broken metadata to the right team. Thanks!

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Community Legend

I agree this! Meta-data reporting system will be good.


I like this. Are you thinking of a similar system to reporting broken content?

Community Legend

Yes. Report bad song or metadata option.

Music Lover

I was just about to post this!  There are SO many errors in the Spotify library.  It it far too complicated to report them as it is.  I should be able to click on a link beside each song and album as suggested and report it quickly and easily.  The Spotify team would have a flood of reports and the library would be far more accurate.

Music Lover

100% behind this suggestion. Spotify should utilise it's vast user-base - not many errors would remain unreported.

Community Manager
Community Manager
Status changed to: Under Consideration
Music Fan

It is my main problem with the otherwize amazing Spotify. The Library has to be accurate, and if this is the way to do it  then so be it. I just want a way to get over the problem of albums being displayed wrongly in the library, often random tracks are orphaned from the rest of the album and given their own album beneath. I'm assuming this is due to innaccuracies in metadata somewhere. At least in iTunes I could work it out and fix it. In Spotify it seems to be not as easy or as effective.


Lets hope this gets better soon!

Concert Regular

Maybe a bit off topic, but I'd like to use this notification tool to report popping/glitching in tracks.

Spotify Legend

In terms of albums being listed under the wrong artist, we are request reports of that here.

The album may be by a different artist that has a similar name, or it may simply by attributed to the wrong artist.


However, in terms other busted metadata (wrong track names, albums with the tracklisting in the wrong order) or broken tracks, the best way to report that would be to send it over to us via our contact form.

Music Fan

Yes yes yes! 


I've been getting really fed up with Spotify's response to wrong artists and what not. There are MANY threads describing several corrections, and yet nothing has been done the last year. Another thing, why do they have artists that have none of their songs?


PLEASE spotify, fix this!