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[Desktop][Other] Option to maximize album cover in fullscreen

I suspect this was an oversight in the latest update, but the album cover is now tiny in full-screen mode, making room for the background on the artist's profile instead. There seems to be no way to maximize the album cover, which I'd rather be looking at. I'd like that option back!


Updated on 2021-08-03

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Writing this as a user of the macOS desktop app:

Prior to the March 21 update there was an option to have a larger view of the current album artwork by clicking the two expanding arrows in the control bar. Now they are still present, but the resulting view doesn't have the large artwork anymore. Instead there's a dimmed background image and the album art in just the regular size that the user can see all over the interface.


Please bring back the large album art! The artwork of a record is an important part of the whole experience, and particularly to have the option to see it in greater detail and larger than 256x256 pixels. I mean, displays are so large now, HD, Retina, 4K – please use them.


Looking at a picture of the band while in full screen is nowhere near as interesting as the album art. Can we at least have the option to go back to the old way? I didn't understand why the art was only half the screen, before, but it was so much better than this.


What platform is this happening on? If I click on the name of a song on Desktop(Win10) or Mobile(iOS) then it shows the full album with the album cover in a square at the top, with a list of the songs at the bottom.


I'm seeing this issue on macOs Desktop I can post a screen shot if anyone cares, but I'll have to downsample to fit in the max 5 MB here.


Agree, thanks for letting me know this changed. 


It would be awesome if we could click the album cover on the Album's tracklist to view the album cover on the screen. Something like this:





I'd be happy if we got the old full screen mode back.


It makes no sense for the artist banner image to take precedence over the album art. Many artists invest a lot of time in sourcing their album artwork. Spotify should respect that.



Currently there is no way to view the album art full screen or even larger than a thumbnail on desktop.  A few weeks ago you could get pretty close, but a new update makes the actual album art very small and displays artist photos full screen in the background with a slight vignette.  Please let us look at the album art lol.



Notice in the screen shots above that you can't even read the artists name.  That's bad design.


I agree. The album cover is literally the art that is intended to be displayed along with the music on that album, at least give an option to enlarge it.