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[Desktop][Other] Option to maximize album cover in fullscreen

I suspect this was an oversight in the latest update, but the album cover is now tiny in full-screen mode, making room for the background on the artist's profile instead. There seems to be no way to maximize the album cover, which I'd rather be looking at. I'd like that option back!


Updated on 2021-08-03

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I appreciate being able to see the band image I guess? But without the option to go back to the album photo, which is usually actual cool art instead of some boring picture of some dudes, it's just purely negative. At least add some other way to view the album art in full screen, like allowing the album art to expand more than just 1/10 of the screen when you click the arrow on it. Most albums have art that someone worked very hard on and specifically tailored it for the music on that album so it's just incredibly annoying that there's no way to be able to actually focus on that


It's been a year and nothing has changed


I just want to see the art, not some random picture of the band or a nature scene or some color. 


Fix this. Now.

I'm about to delete Spotify. So sad to see where Spotify is now from what it was before.


I am an original user from when they were invite only as a startup.
I've paid subscription since the first day.

The only feature that I deem to be truly an improvement to the platform is the video reels.

Removing then moving volume bar.

Removing apps/plugins.

Removing playlist shortcuts.

Removing lyrics then taking 3 years to add it back.

Android experience gets worse every year with illogical layout of playlists and content they deem I want.


I’ve commented in here (and posts like it) multiple times. Just commenting to say I’ve recently installed Spicetify within the Spotify client and it’s been a huge game changer for me. Can have full screen album art (with optional lyrics) and it looks fantastic, similar to how Apple has theirs. 




Just shortly, every few weeks I try to have a full screen album art. And always I am disappointed. It was sucky enough to have to go to full screen for this, but okay. Metal bands hire artists to create their cover arts and I would like to appreciate it, not just somo promo pic.


I dicovered the full screen mode during a video ad. There was a full screen button at bottom right corner, when click interface was similar to Groove Music on windows. But then it disappeared after the ad, i dont know if it is a bug but please make it a feature. It is nice feature to use it as a screen saver on TV or a desktop while playing songs.


Just logging in to give praise to deftones22 for suggesting Spicetify. _o_ Full album art, yeah! Lyrics, yeah! It's the closest we'll come to a fully customizable Spotify but it's good enough. Go to and make your life a little better. No, I wasn't paid, I just hate Spotify's continued unwanted and unnecessary as much as the next guy. I don't think I can get back my list of recent albums by acts I follow (which I ALWAYS used) but well...


It's great to see this [finally] being considered, after over a decade. You've shut this request down multiple times over the years, sometimes claiming it was "complete" when it wasn't. I tried searching for my old posts on this too, only to find they've "vanished", so I'll rereport here (including a visual mock-up). 


As an update: if you sold a 12" square monitor as a control device (that looked like the vinyl picture frames) that I could put on a shelf, I'd buy it.



This has been trundling along as a user request for so many years, I thought it might help if I mocked up what 'full screen' means to me.  Aside from being a massive music fan, I've worked in the industry a lot and the album art isn't an afterthought.  We don't add our own words to the music: why are you doing it to the art that comes with it?




2019-04-30  (in response to one of your 'closed' messages) As has been pointed out many times, it *doesn't do that*. The actual function is to make it 'larger' against a grey gradient background. With the title/etc. permanently on the screen.

The functionality, to restate what we've all been asking for - for some years - is to make the artwork actually full screen (against a solid black background). Maybe the coders never experienced vinyl or the joys of album art, but it's something that is part of the artwork that is an album as a whole. For example, I have a 12" square screen that only shows the album picture.
Nothing else. I'd like that image to fill the screen. If you want to add a toggle to switch on/off track listings, great too. winamp did this 15+ years ago....


/// ...there are other posts, but my first was this:


29-07-2012 I am really disappointed that this has never made any priority list over the (now so many) years that people have been asking for it.  I would like to see an option that lets me put the album artwork full screen (maximised against a black background) with nothing else on it. You can add options for track name/etc, but these need to be optional.  There is a lot of prior art here on other music players.


It's also quite a trivial piece of UX dev, and would have a big UX improvement for many (this thread is now 9 pages long, and there are multiple threads – and that's just from the people who've bothered to comment, so apply a big multiplier). You could have a double-click on the album cover, or a set of visualisation player controls under the image.

YouTube does it, by accident, because people upload albums and need to put the artwork still in the video. 

You have a great opportunity here to represent part of the creative work that goes into any album. I don't understand why you don't see it as a valuable part of the work. 

Also, yes merge with: and I'm sure many others.


still after all this time its not being tackled, stop messing about Spotify, you must use your own app!? doesn't it annoy you too? 


Recently I used Tidal again as a trial.

You can click on the cover art work and BOOM, cover appears fullscreen, high resolution!


The Spotify experience sucks.


No real visible changes since over a year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!