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[Desktop][Other] Option to maximize album cover in fullscreen

I suspect this was an oversight in the latest update, but the album cover is now tiny in full-screen mode, making room for the background on the artist's profile instead. There seems to be no way to maximize the album cover, which I'd rather be looking at. I'd like that option back!


Updated on 2021-08-03

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Absolutely. I catch myself listening to music on YT just to have the album cover in the background. I love almost all album covers, it's part of the experience. And the desktop version keeps making it smaller.

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Updated on 2021-04-27

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I'm really disappointed with this. I listen to a lot of 60s & 70s jazz, funk & Brazilian music. Artwork from these eras was often incredible. I want to see the album cover - literally a piece of art - not a random picture of the artist as they look now. Please help Spotify



Whenever you enter full screen mode the full screen timer resets to the point you;

  • started listening to the song;
  • scrubbed to a specific timestamp.

The screenshots are taken ~1 second after each other. Left: full screen, Right: 'normal'.






This is what annoys me most about the new update, it's infuriating. Having the album art clearly on display is such a big part of the listening experience for so many people. I understand the artist photo background working in some contexts, but please at least give us the option to switch!

Also, I can't skip to another point in a song while in full screen - I have to exit full screen if I want to rewind or something, which I don't get at all


I totally agree with this suggestion, much prefer the older fullscreen style with the large album art (as someone who loves album art).


Also to add insult to injury, it seems that the album art in the standard app view when it's expanded is now lower quality than it was pre-UI update.


I must admit the new full screen mode is pretty. But it is lacking so many things.

  • First off the album art is so small. It starts off larger but very quickly animates into a tiny thumbnail much smaller than the maximum size possible to achieve in the regular UI. The album art is THE art that is made for the song/album and the main thing I want to be prominent in a full screen view of the currently playing song.
  • The album name is missing completely. This might not be as bad if the album art was more prominent, but some album arts still don't show the name of the album so it's still bad UX.
  • It is not possible to jump to different times in the song in the seek bar. Why not have such a basic feature?

Update: Looks like the album art is shown in its larger variant, i.e. not animating into the smaller thumbnail, if the artist does not have an artist artwork to show in the background. It is a much better size, but still smaller than I would have liked. But this size will rarely be used as most artist I listen to use a artist artwork.


Everyone seems to feel the same way about the new full screen display showing only a tiny thumbnail of the album art, against some random picture of the artist in the background.  It's terrible!  Who could possibly have approved that change?  Please, bring back the album art display, and make it bigger than before, not smaller!

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Updated on 2021-05-20

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This is a great idea! I think this new full-screen is okay in some ways and I completely understand why people would choose it, however, I find that with some artists the image that gets made full-screen isn't particularly attractive or something I would really like to see. I definitely don't think they should get rid of it, however, an option to toggle it from the new UI to the old one with the grey background and just the album cover would be fantastic! I would definitely change mine back ASAP!