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[Desktop][Other] Option to maximize album cover in fullscreen

I suspect this was an oversight in the latest update, but the album cover is now tiny in full-screen mode, making room for the background on the artist's profile instead. There seems to be no way to maximize the album cover, which I'd rather be looking at. I'd like that option back!


Updated on 2021-08-03

Hey everyone,


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Suck s*** Spotify. Years old thread ignored, plus the new library system is awful and completely unwanted.


Please! I've just moved from Deezer and that's something I really miss already. 


Yea no thanks Spotify I might as well cancel the Premium subscription because according to Spotify playing your fave songs by your fave artists on a loop on playlist is such a freaking streaming fraud so I am so tired of the stupid emails telling me to change my password because of ”suspicious activity on your account” LOL!! What if I play those songs out loud in my own home office while working almost 24/7? Is it really any of their business how much people listen to their fave songs and music? Shame on you Spotify. As if any hard working artists even get paid that well, Apple Music and TIDAL are way way better and Spotify is slowly dying at this rate. Really hate this N*z_i correctness and also have you all noticed how most artists on Spotify barely have 100 monthly listeners too? Where is Taylor Swift now? No one is saying a thing a stream is like 0.0000003 cents lol how are artists supposed to benefit from this platform? I am extremely angry with the way Spotify treats both the artists and the users. Y'all might just as well remove that stupid Loop button if it is such an illegal thing to stream ARTPOP by Lady Gaga for 2 days on repeat for example 🤦‍♀️ wish some day this company could go bankrupt if they cannot listen to their customers and have such a big control over users and how THEY want to listen to their fave artists.


Spotify, please respect the album artwork and let us see it bigger than a tiny thumbnail.


As many have suggested, there's usually a lot of time and money that goes into creating this artwork to accompany the music we're listening to.  C'mon, just get it done, let's make it happen, thank you. 


And another 2 years pass without any change... so sad


it just throws me off when im trying to listen to music and i see my favorite artists judging me from the corner of my eye



Still no progress on this? It's kind of absurd that there is no means to see the album cover in a decent size. I mean, this would be such a low hanging fruit. Fairly simple to implement and quickly would make a lot of people happy. To be honest, it's weird that people have to keep begging Spotify to get such basic functionality.


There must exist some clear reasoning why Spotify is not willing to let users  see the album covers in large size. And I would love to hear it. Seems almost as if Spotify has started a war against album art trying to make it less and less relevant part of the experience..


Just wanted to express that I'm liking the other recent UI changes like the sidebar update, but was hoping this album art feature would have been part of that update as well.




Full screen and user adjustable placement/size of album art should be at or near the top of the priority list of functions for a music app. It boggles the mind that we don't have more options this late in the game. What else is more important after hearing the music we are paying for other than seeing the album art that helps us remember and enjoy what we are listening to. Really, this isn't "rocket surgery" folks. How about focusing on the product and less on politics/agendas and give your client base what they actually expect they are paying for? I feel like I'm in Bizarro Land that this is so overlooked on the Mac desktop app. How about have at least a command 1, 2, 3, 4 option for 1 - small in lower left, 2 - fill the window with the album art and the playback status/controls at the bottom and 3 - full screen album art with controls at the bottom and 4, just full screen artwork and nothing else hindering the view. This can't be that difficult to code/implement. YOU CAN DO IT!!!    (Pretty please and all of that) Kudos on the new UI release but you really missed the mark by not including better album art/view options. Best of luck and please add the functions mentioned above. Thanks. 


Hi! Just want to reiterate that I'd like this particular feature in an update soon.


I see that there's now a Now Playing View on the desktop app. I expect that the UX/UI team at Spotify know that the Now Playing View is still a different feature from the Album Fullscreen View feature we are advocating for here.


Hope this is in the works. Some of us really want a "Vinyl Art Cover" view on a large desktop monitor and almost nothing else!