[Desktop][Other] Update the Spotify app icon for macOS Big Sur

Status: Live Idea

As a lot of new macOS Big Sur users noticed, the general system UI changed, and an important aspect is the various app icons. All the Apple apps icons have been updated to match the new rounded square type icons that seems to be the new trend, and several third-party apps already did it.


The amazing Spotify Community already shared multiple ideas of really stunning logos that look pretty sick :

- u/CyDave

- Anmol Govinda Rao


It would be great if Spotify updated its logo to match the general macOS Big Sur design



Updated on 2021-06-15

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These are beautiful suggestions. However, the rounded square icons on macOS Big Sur strip applications of their individuality. Funky icon shapes have been a feature of Mac OS X since the early days and I'd be sad to see them all disappear. Spotify being round and green is just what my brain expects to see and look for.


The thing is, while the graphical mockups are suggestions, the rounded square icon is mandated by Apple’s recommendations with Big Sur. Spotify will eventually have to match the spec.


This would be awesome. Recently Discord updated to a new icon and next up on my taskbar is Spotify. Top left looks great.


First one on the left looks amazing! 😀


Will we get the logo officially before 2025?


Verde por blanco y **bleep**. ¡Nuevo rediseño del logotipo antes del fin de la pandemia! 🤗


Add Swipe 2 Queue for Android


We just need 2 more votes, and it will be taken to consideration


"the Community team talks with various other Spotify teams several times a month about ideas with over 500 votes (our criteria for being a top idea)"


sir Set the feature to adjust the sound and watch the video as per your choice. Please I requested you earlier too, add now, link check


It's crazy how long that takes…

I mean they literally just would have to copy the iOS icon…