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[Desktop][Other] "Don't play this artist" on desktop

I would like the option to permanently dislike a featured artist like on mobile that I can choose for "Don't play this artist"

e.g for several weeks now various artists and gamechops have appeared in my release calendar. I have absolutely no interest in this band


But I dont have the option to remove the featured artist, which just means the following week a new artist pop ups with gamechops as featured and I have no way to prevent this.

I have event tried blocking gamechops on android but makes no difference




Updated on 2023-04-18

Hey everyone,


Thanks for coming to the Community, and showing your support for this idea!


We're setting the status to Not Right Now, as this isn't something we have any immediate plans to implement. When we do have any new info to share, rest assured we'll check back in here with a new status.


Take care.


Please please please let me block Marilyn Manson off my laptop. I don't need to give him or R. Kelly or any other sexual assaulter a platform to perform.




Please reconsider adding this idea, now that it is close to 300 votes.

It's already a mobile feature, I don't like having to go to my phone to block someone...


I cant understand why it is not possible to block artists or songs from daily mixes on spotify desktop. I am a premium subscriber, I am paying for this service. Is it too much to ask I shouldnt have to listen to music I don't like???


This needs to be available.. Why the user doesn't have full options to them is beyond me.. We are the customer, and especially for the paying customer, we should get to choose these things.


I have been complaining about this for a year.

There's even an idea with over 3000 votes in 2 years (way above their criterion) that has remained ignored for a long time.



There's also another one, from a couple of years back, still over 3000 votes, that spotify also decided to outright ignore.

Clearly, they dgaf about the user experience


If this exists on Mobile why does this have to be a vote on desktpop? There is something wrong with the way Spotify works. They could make decisions based on common sense also not only on votes




We shouldn't even have to vote on this. This is a feature on the mobile versions of the app so it should be on the desktop version too. No excuses. *facepalm*


The 'Don't Play This Artist' feature is very useful-- but it currently only exists on the mobile app🤔 


In addition, artists that have been excluded through this feature on mobile still play on desktop


From a user perspective, it makes sense for the app to behave the same way on different devices, and it's especially frustrating when the benefit from one device does not carry over to the other. Please bring this feature to desktop!