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[Desktop][Other] "Don't play this artist" on desktop

I would like the option to permanently dislike a featured artist like on mobile that I can choose for "Don't play this artist"

e.g for several weeks now various artists and gamechops have appeared in my release calendar. I have absolutely no interest in this band


But I dont have the option to remove the featured artist, which just means the following week a new artist pop ups with gamechops as featured and I have no way to prevent this.

I have event tried blocking gamechops on android but makes no difference




Updated on 2023-04-18

Hey everyone,


Thanks for coming to the Community, and showing your support for this idea!


We're setting the status to Not Right Now, as this isn't something we have any immediate plans to implement. When we do have any new info to share, rest assured we'll check back in here with a new status.


Take care.


With all the new information that’s come to light about the predatory environment in the music industry, I believe it is VITAL to have the option to Block specific Artists.


As it stand, the block feature works intermittently on iOS from my experience, however on desktop and featured songs of blocked artist, this is not an option. 


It is very distressing as someone who suffers from PTSD, if I hear a certain song or person. It may seem odd, but I’m sure I’m not the only one out there that feels this way. Music is supposed to be a safe space.


Same feedback for podcasts, which I posted in this community months ago.


I don’t see Spotify actually changing this, but it’s really important for awareness to be shared. 


This such a simple request! Add it already!









Operating System

Win 10


My Question or Issue

Why do we not have the ability to hide songs or artists from the desktop app?

DONT JUST TELL ME ITS AVAILABLE ON MOBILE APP! i'm specifically asking why we still cant 4 years after people have been asking and requesting it in the ideas submissions for years now. What is the real reason?


And *if* this expected feature finally gets implemented (after 4 years now), apply it to commercials promoting the artist as well. I know you won't ($).

This ought to be easy for any slightly-competent developer, but I'd take a wild guess they may be hamstrung (again $-loss).


it's absolutely irritating and disgusting that you can not block or hide some bs performers or songs from a desktop app, especially being a subscription user. 


It's beyond bizarre that Spotify are refusing to add this to the desktop app despite it having been a feature in the mobile app for donkey's years. What possible reason could there be?


Then again it's not like they don't have form for bonkers disparities between app versions. Remember when they suddenly removed being able to play a playlist folder from mobile, but not from desktop, for no reason at all? I would love one Spotify engineer to try explaining why they don't think feature parity is a minimum goal across their product suite.


Just commenting and pointing out that the fact that this feature is only available in the goddamm mobile app is, to put it lightly, wack.


I find it to be a very poor decision to not provide feature parity for your application. Why would you force me to use the mobile app to manage my music genre preferences? I thought your application/platform was supposed to be user friendly? Why would you not include this feature for a paying customer? On top of that, you chose to increase the monthly subscription rate.

Should I start looking for a replacement for my monthly subscription fee?