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[Desktop][Other] "Don't play this artist" on desktop

I would like the option to permanently dislike a featured artist like on mobile that I can choose for "Don't play this artist"

e.g for several weeks now various artists and gamechops have appeared in my release calendar. I have absolutely no interest in this band


But I dont have the option to remove the featured artist, which just means the following week a new artist pop ups with gamechops as featured and I have no way to prevent this.

I have event tried blocking gamechops on android but makes no difference




Updated on 2023-04-18

Hey everyone,


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We're setting the status to Not Right Now, as this isn't something we have any immediate plans to implement. When we do have any new info to share, rest assured we'll check back in here with a new status.


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I agree with some folks here - it must be part of a paying feature to have the same artists and songs show up when there is INFINITE variety and potential for Spotify to play related and new artists that we haven't heard.

And everybody is different in how they listen, but to me it makes me hate the song and dislike an artist when it's shoved down my throat. So it's backwards.

But the artist gets the report that "oh, you got 1M plays for X amount of money."

But that doesn't show you how many one second plays then "stops" or "skips" there are.

Furthermore to set up features in only desktop or only mobile is shortsighted and all Spotify features should be universal wherever you play the app.

It shows laziness on the developers side and a lack of vision.

Don't be a Blockbuster. There will be new and better options if you don't move ahead with the times.


I cancelled my Spotify Premium account and switched to TIDAL because I tried multiple times to block the album Guitar in the Space Age by Bill Frisell. Spotify repeatedly added Pipeline to Made for You lists without giving me the option of blocking it. Until Spotify provides an option to block cuts that I CAN'T STAND I'm staying with TIDAL.


Why should paying customers have to justify asking for this basic feature? WE pay YOU spotify, YOU work for US. Make this happen. It's ridiculous to think that we are being annoyed by artists we don't like in a service we are paying for. In the meantime, here's a thought.

1. Cancel your spotify account

2. Follow instructions here.


I'm honestly so disappointed in Spotify because I can see that many similar requests have been made and they've clearly done nothing about it so like what the h*** Spotify?! I'm a premium member so I expect to have control over the content that is shown to me. The fact that they got rid of this major feature is a huge inconvenience to users like me who aren't at their devices or computers all the time to skip songs on the fly. Perfect example - I was listening to Today's Top Hits and low and behold, Megan Thee Stallion's song Body comes on. Of course, I've never heard this song before and so was totally caught off guard by the explicit orgasming sounds in the intro. Thankfully I was at my computer and so was able to change tracks quickly. Imagine how embarrassing that would've been for me if I had been playing out loud on speakers with company??? Not a happy camper right now but I hope Spotify decides to do some good and listen to their PAYING users. 


Sicking tired of this. Next month if it doesn't change i`m ditching spotify for tidal, just because we can`t block songs permanently. It`s amazing we have to beg for basic function 👊.

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Updated on 2021-03-23

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Hello. The function to hide the artist is present in the phone version, BUT it is not available for the computer. This makes it very difficult to use the application only on a computer, because there is no way to regulate the music that is included in the recomend playlists.


Please make such a function, it is very convenient when you can hide a music artist you do not like.


This will help to use the application better and get more pleasure from listening to music.

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This was eventually voted for over 200 times, but not in your time frame required. This is a new attempt at trying to get this feature added. Just let me listen to a rap radio station without Kanye West on Desktop.