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[Desktop][Playlists] Have both "make collaborative" and "invite collaborator" features

Myself and many other Spotify users were evidently upset last month when Spotify changed their collaborative feature.


While some users may prefer the newer option of inviting select people, others of us loved the old feature and are finding this change to negatively impact our Spotify experience. After all - if it's not broken, don't fix it, right?

We liked being able to set and forget - allowing whoever may be following or stumbling across our account to add/change our playlists. That's why we had them public!


SO instead of removing the feature to collaborate and only allowing us to invite, why not incorporate BOTH features?  A "make collaborative" and an "invite collaborators" feature.  To satisfy both parties - please bring back the Make Collaborative feature!!!

Updated on 2022-05-09

Hey! Looks like your idea is growing up fast and it's amazing! We are going to change its status to 'Good Suggestion' now and we hope it continues being supported by more and more users.
Thanks again for your suggestion. We really appreciate it 🙂

More information about how the Spotify Idea Exchange works can be found here.


So despite the fact that in September, before the 6 month mark of this idea, we hit 180+ votes, Spotify have failed to update this idea to a "Live Idea" as we were told based on their idea exchange. 

If someone from Spotify/a moderator could look into this, that'd be great as there's 270+ of us frustrated and waiting for this. 


It's obviously a great idea for the community.. we all want to listen and share and connect and even communicate through this app but you don't really let us. This is finally a great way to meet and communicate with people and bring them together. Spotify community feels so cold in that regard, we should be able to talk to each other too so we can privately share emails and numbers for so many reasons.. meeting new friends, inviting people to events, collaborating on music(we would be able to invite them to soundtrap if you let us exchange emails/numbers if we so choose), even romantic relationships honestly, I presume a lot of people would rather meet through a genuine music connection over tinder or something.


Has there been any updates on getting the "Make Collaborative" Playlist Option Back? I use it for the college classes I teach so that my students can add to our Class Spotify Playlist at any point within the semester. The collaborative link that expires after a period of time is super troublesome in my case -- it would be too time-intensive remaking the link each week throughout the semester & it's crazy to think about adding 100+ students individually to a playlist. 


So does any Spotify reps have any answers for returning the easy-to-use "Make Collaborative Playlist" Feature? Is it coming back? (Please can it come back!!)


Or can anyone else offer any support for my case?




It still boggles my mind that this feature is not back yet. 😭


No update unfortunately.

No moderators from Spotify have replied here, and I've tried contacting Spotify via both email and Messenger however get left on undelivered or told it will be forwarded to the appropriate team - but nothing has happened as per the terms communicated to us by Spotify 😞



Oh no, that's not cool! 


I'm wonder if anyone in this thread is really into posting on TikTok. I'm certain if someone made a post about this issue on TikTok specifically it would go pretty viral.  (I just found out the make collaborative playlist option was taken out today, so I'm sure there's many others who will eventually run into this issue and be frustrated/disappointed too!) Of any case, maybe if there was some heat about the disappointment going viral on social media, Spotify would actually do something about? Hopefully?


It's really disheartening that were here, over 13 months on, and nothing... sorry it's not much of an update folks! 🫤


After having achieved and exceeded Spotify's specified targets in the idea exchange guidelines, we should have been moved to a "Live Idea" over a year ago but we've been met with nothing 😞 

For the last year, I've reached out to Spotify via their site chat, Facebook "Spotify Cares" page etc to try and get a moderator to at the very least update this idea for you all but I'm either met with radio silence or a response of "it's been passed on" (which obviously hasn't happened since we're still waiting for an update lol)


It's crazy that we're chasing up Spotify when they can't adhere to their own guidelines. I'm exhausted and frustrated. Good luck to anyone else who tried to follow up with Spotify - obviously not much we in the community can do. 🫠


But this idea is worth it and there's clearly the audience for it... so fingers crossed we have some sort of movement soon. Thanks for hanging in there, folks!✌🏻😮💨


Just got an email that this is back!!!! 


Spotify always optimizes for it's dumbest users, so expect to never get this.


Idea has reached neccesary votes. Spotify do your thing