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[Desktop][Playlists] Let us change our playlist's accent color

Let us choose an accent color for our playlists, and not from a preset color palette chosen by the app, but with any color we can think of. This would be for aesthetic purposes only, yet I think that many users wish they could have that option. (At least let us use that option on the desktop and let the color show on the phone, tv, desktop, etc.)


The problem is that when you add a custom thumbnail to your playlist, Spotify sets an automatic accent color to it. Sometimes you can get lucky and have it match your thumbnail, sometimes it just looks dull. Also, it always picks a different color for the phone and desktop apps. So it would be pretty nice if you just let us do that job instead of the AI. We would have a consistent color for all apps and we would all enjoy more aesthetic playlists! Thanks<3


Updated on 2021-08-24

Hey everyone,


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I think this is a pretty great idea. It can be added as a premium member-only feature.


I LOVE this idea I really hope it happens


I nedd this, please, the colours ai is choosing make absolutely no sense and look hideous.


Yes pleaseeee i need this ASAP no rocky


I agree that it would be a good idea if we get to personalize our playlist by changing the font and font color.