[Desktop][Playlists] Make it harder to unlike a song

Hi Spotify, 


UD/UX Serving suggestion:

The user interface on the (windows desktop software) for removing a song needs to be redesigned

The 'like song' (love heart) button is satisfactory but the 'remove song' button needs addressing. 

It is too close to the like song button and so there is potential for accidentally hitting the remove song button.

This results in unecessary steps in order to recover a song.


Some suggestions would be to implement some sort of switch/slide action or place the button slightly further apart. A confirmation dialogue would add to the operations and hinder user experience so I suggest that would be best left out as an option. 

Please improve this feature. 


Updated on 2019-07-25

Marked as a new idea + slightly edited title for clarity 🙂

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Updated on 2019-07-25

Marked as a new idea + slightly edited title for clarity 🙂


This though!! Except in iOS. The 'like' and 'unlike' button or the exact same button. Your one tap away from removing a favorite track, potentially the only one you have by an artist you saved over a year ago, one mindless tap and that track is gone for good. Easily the most frustrating part of Spotify for me. Pleeeeease just throw in a pop up window "are you sure you want to unsave this track?" Because no, I don't! If people don't want the inconvenience of saying they're sure every time, toss in one of those 'dont ask me [this] again' check boxes. Super easy fix, can't tell you how many tracks I've lost for good because I mindlessly set me phone down and 'unliked' a track in the process.