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[Desktop][Podcasts] Sort by Unplayed/Recently Updated

Currently, the only way to listen to unplayed podcasts on desktop is to open a phone and check the feed there, or check every podcast individually for new content. That's 100% unacceptable, and has been for years.


Give us a podcast view that we can sort / filter by unplayed episodes or recent uploads. If you want to be the industry leader in streaming, you can't ignore table-stakes functionality because of "100 kudos" horsesh*t.

Updated on 2021-06-14

Hey everyone,


Thanks for bringing us your feedback in the Spotify Idea Exchange.


Your suggestion has gathered the votes necessary and your feedback is now reaching the internal teams at Spotify. They're aware of the vote count and popularity of this idea. We'll continue to monitor and check out the comments here, too.


As soon as we have any updates on its status, we'll let you know.


More info on how your feedback reaches Spotify via the Idea Exchange can be found here.


It looks like they've sort of finally done it! On the Home page I was scrolling down and saw a "New Episodes" section. It shows some new podcast episodes on the home page, and when you click "show all", it shows 10 of the most recent episodes of podcasts you subscribe to. Now if they could increase that number to just be every new episode in order, like on mobile, rather than just 10, and also have it located in the podcast tab of "your library" that would be great.


They finally did it! On the desktop app, you can sort podcasts by "Recently updated". Thank you Spotify!


I don't see it, and have the latest version.


This option is gone again and I don't see it for some reason anymore. Can someone confirm if they have removed this again?


Most of the filters and sorting is not working both on the apps and web ui


Sort this out please


Almost two years (2021-06-14) since our feedback reached internal team.

Now in the Home tab we have "Episodes for You".   10 episodes. That's ok - but why we can't have the same feature as in the IOS App - there we can scroll through the list of new episodes that are available?


I am subscribed to many podcasts, I want to see all of the new episodes in a chronological order so that I don't miss any new episodes of my favourite podcasts.


Please fix this


From what I can see, this is completed at long last. I really never thought I'd see the day!




I fully agree with this idea. 


My personal irritation is mostly the fact that you cant manually sort the "your episodes" list.


It is very convenient that you can easily add an episode to the "your episodes" list with the '+' button.

But if you can't sort this lits manually to me it becomes totally useless (especially when you are interested in multiple different podcasts).


For me  this is the reason to currently not use spotify for podcasts. But I would love to change to spotify if this gets improved.