[Desktop][Podcasts] Sort by Unplayed/Recently Updated

Status: Live Idea

Currently, the only way to listen to unplayed podcasts on desktop is to open a phone and check the feed there, or check every podcast individually for new content. That's 100% unacceptable, and has been for years.


Give us a podcast view that we can sort / filter by unplayed episodes or recent uploads. If you want to be the industry leader in streaming, you can't ignore table-stakes functionality because of "100 kudos" horsesh*t.

Updated on 2021-06-14

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And I will fund a **bleep**ing alternative, because this is a **bleep**ing **bleep** joke. **bleep** you again, whoever owns and runs Spotify. I am tired of this. 


It's not rocket science.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Open a Podcast
  2. Filter by "Unplayed".
  3. Sort by "Oldest to Newest".
  4. Listen to the first Episode shown, wait for it to finish.

Expected Behavior: Iterates to the next Unplayed Episode in the list.

Actual Behavior: Iterates to an older, already-played Episode.



I'm about to uninstall the desktop app forever. My mobile phone is in the shop for repairs, and the desktop app is literally unusable for podcasts without this feature. I understand life is hard, but you have this feature in the mobile app -- why not include it with the desktop app? Good luck, I guess. 


I would really love to have the New Episodes playlist in the desktop app. I don't know why Spotify doesn't include in the desktop app a list that they already have created and implemented in the mobile app.


It's absolutely crazy that this simple feature hasn't been implemented yet, Spotify is completely asleep at the job.

It's already on the phone, just add it to desktop, everybody is happy and Spotify will be more of an option for podcast listeners. Doesn't sound too bad, does it? Even Google Podcast does this, it's the main feature!


I've switched to Google Podcasts .

It has New Episodes as default home screen. 

Because Google understands the most basic listeners needs.

Because  Spotify understands nothing.


Not sure what date the update happened, but it seems this (Expected Behavior: Iterates to the next Unplayed Episode in the list.) has been fixed.