[Desktop][Podcasts] Sort by Unplayed/Recently Updated

Currently, the only way to listen to unplayed podcasts on desktop is to open a phone and check the feed there, or check every podcast individually for new content. That's 100% unacceptable, and has been for years.


Give us a podcast view that we can sort / filter by unplayed episodes or recent uploads. If you want to be the industry leader in streaming, you can't ignore table-stakes functionality because of "100 kudos" horsesh*t.

Updated on 2021-06-14

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This needs to happen!


I understand that products goals aren't aligned between platforms but man, this is a huge miss for desktop. The podcast section just feels like an after thought on desktop. Sorting by name and added at time feels so lazy. Please make this useful.


Flabbergasted that this isn't fixed yet. It's such a great design on the mobile yet the desktop is so poorly done. What are we doing here? 


Shouldn't this be the default behavior? You would intuitively want to check the new podcasts first.


I don't know why the interface is worse on desktop for podcasts. It seems logical that there should be a list of new episodes just like in Mobile but for desktop. There should be a recently updated list and not just newly added. It's not possible to play newly updated podcasts back-to-back without going through major hoops or going through the mobile app.


Any progress? It's really annoying...


Thanks for reposting, this is such a great issue!! 


Would definitely like this feature. I only use my phone for listening to podcasts as I can't see episodes by date on my PC (which isn't ideal). 


It's unbelievable this has to get a certain amount of votes just to be considered. After all the effort to make podcasts a thing on mobile app, on desktop it's just terrible. Just implement a filter, how hard it is???


Its time Spotify makes this simple 'fix'.


I can't count how many times I had to open Spotify in my phone so I can find and listen to a new Podcast episode in my laptop. 


Spotify, would you listen to your paying customers? Pretty please?