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I have seen this idea posted several times over the years and they are all marked closed. I personally find it really frustrating that people have clearly been asking for this and over and over been denied, especially because it seems like a rather simple feature. Anyway, on the web player on Chromebook, there is an excellent popout player that remains on top of other tabs and windows you open, has the album/song art and has simple controls like pause, play, skip, and rewind that show when you hover over it. You can also move it around your screen so you position it where is easiest for you. It's crazy to me that this feature hasn't been implemented already for the desktop application, or if it has then the fact that it's been removed. It's super annoying to have to stop what I'm in the middle of to open the Spotify window just to see what is playing, or to skip or save a song. Something with just the basics of these features would make a huge difference and make usability so much easier.

Updated on 2020-10-20

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While I was searching for an option for a mini player on windows 10, i found a solution. Since every topic I could find about this topic was locked for replying, so I figured I'd make a new one. The solution I found is as follows:


  1. make sure you have chrome browser.
  2. Type windows key + R (run) and type 
    chrome --app="https://play.spotify.com"
    This will open the web player but like an app.
  3. Left at the bottom next to the song banner is this button:    Capture3.PNG   click this button.
  4. you get a floating mini player at the bottom right of your screen with the song banner, and when you hover over it with your mouse you can pause/play/previous/next.


Good luck and have a great day!


I added a batch file for easier use. Originally belongs to hydropulse17.


I've used both the original batch idea and the app version, and the app version is exactly what I was looking for. The batch file idea is serviceable, but requires some recollection. Now, I can just click a shortcut.


Thanks so much for this! I created a shortcut on my desktop and gave it a distinctive icon because it wouldn't pin to the taskbar. I won't listen to Spotify on my Windows PC without it. (If only the miniplayer window would just show the song name on top of the album cover...)


It works beautifully on my Windows 10 PC at work; any ideas/suggestions for getting something like this to run on a Mac? 


Don't see the button 😒. Can you post a screenshot?




Once the mini-player opens, it will be in your taskbar with the icon of your browser. If you create a desktop shortcut, you can give it a different icon so that it will always be easy to get to. Enjoy.


For mac, i don't now how exactly, as i am only using windows, but i think you can create a shortcut in chrome, and check the 'open as window' box


It works exactly the same way on Mac as on Windows. I have been looking for this for years, so thank you guys for sharing! 


More tools -> Create Shortcut [Tick 'Open in window'] 


The client looks the same and works the same as in the guides posted in this thread. 

Screen Shot 2019-10-24 at 9.25.12 AM.png
Very good. Thanks a lot.

The best part about the web app is that the top bar actually shows the artist and song info, which is not part of the desktop player. You can then resize the app down to just the bar, making it effectively a status bar, which I leave sitting just under my browser window. 


You could combine with the mini-banner to get tools to make a more complete mini-player, if you're into that kind of thing. I mostly just want song info at the ready.