[Desktop] Reduce wasted Screen Space

Dear Spotify,

please reduce wasted screen real estate in the desktop client. Right now, there is too much wasted space that could have been leveraged.


Here are my main gripes:


1: I admit that there is not too much you can fill this area with, but you could move the menu bar and the window title there. Now, two "lines" are essentially lost.

2: Fill this area with information and statistics. And for God's sake, why do you not let users add descriptions to their playlists? Partners and labels can, so why can't we?

3: Why did you add this space? I see no logic behind it. And the play button that appears when you hover over a list item is completely unnecessary. Just double click. It's much faster, as you don't have to move the mouse to that tiny little are on the screen. And if people don't know that they can double click to play a song, they should not be using a computer. All major OS' use double clicking for various tasks.

4: There is absolutely no reasy why this space should be there!

5: Reduce the space between people in the activity feed, so that you can see more of them!

6: Reduce the space between list items. It might be easier on the eyes if there is a large amount of line spacing, but it makes for a tedious and inconvenient browsing experience.


spotify wasted space.jpg


My suggestion for the UI:


UI suggestion.jpg

(Some line spaces are uneven, because I used Photoshop.)



Truls Bekk

Updated: 2015-04-16

Hey everyone, as this idea has reached 100 kudos we're giving it a status update. Please continue to leave your feedback here. Thanks!

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Technically this has already been submitted, but this applies to the new version so I'll mark this as new.


P.S. Excellent choice of song to be listening to :P

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Glad I'm not the only one to notice.  Perhaps, take some design cues from Firefox or Chrome, Spotify.


This please. Also you could make it that you could collapse and expand the "Main", "Your Music" and maybe even "Playlist" columns.

Gig Goer

Last one.


Does anyone else agree Spotify are masters of wasting space. I will attach some example of what I mean but basically I think they leave huge expanses of blank space caused by there design. This is exacerbated by using a mixture of large and tiny text and large and tiny icons. If you compare to I tunes, by no means perfect but it does make better use of limited space and is far more versatile. 


I would suggest minimising the the header and footer of the page to give users more browsing space, and decreasing the size of album art. A small change can go a long way i think 



wasted space.jpg
Gig Goer

wasted space 3.png

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Updated: 2015-04-16

Hey everyone, as this idea has reached 100 kudos we're giving it a status update. Please continue to leave your feedback here. Thanks!


I am sorry, but I hate the suggested screenshot. Spotify should keep the UI open like it is. It feels great on my touchscreen notebook. I think it looks great the way it is.

As a compromise, they should consider a density opiton like in G-Mail. But please, please, please not like in the screenshot.