[Desktop] Reduce wasted Screen Space

Dear Spotify,

please reduce wasted screen real estate in the desktop client. Right now, there is too much wasted space that could have been leveraged.


Here are my main gripes:


1: I admit that there is not too much you can fill this area with, but you could move the menu bar and the window title there. Now, two "lines" are essentially lost.

2: Fill this area with information and statistics. And for God's sake, why do you not let users add descriptions to their playlists? Partners and labels can, so why can't we?

3: Why did you add this space? I see no logic behind it. And the play button that appears when you hover over a list item is completely unnecessary. Just double click. It's much faster, as you don't have to move the mouse to that tiny little are on the screen. And if people don't know that they can double click to play a song, they should not be using a computer. All major OS' use double clicking for various tasks.

4: There is absolutely no reasy why this space should be there!

5: Reduce the space between people in the activity feed, so that you can see more of them!

6: Reduce the space between list items. It might be easier on the eyes if there is a large amount of line spacing, but it makes for a tedious and inconvenient browsing experience.


spotify wasted space.jpg


My suggestion for the UI:


UI suggestion.jpg

(Some line spaces are uneven, because I used Photoshop.)



Truls Bekk

Updated: 2015-04-16

Hey everyone, as this idea has reached 100 kudos we're giving it a status update. Please continue to leave your feedback here. Thanks!


Agreed but i think that this should be an option of the user. For example, Gmail has 3 different settings like cozy, comfortable, compact and you can change it freely amongst the 3. I think that would be best but probably a little more difficult for the GUI/programming people.


GUI Spotifiy.JPG

I agree with your post, here is my suggestion.

Music Fan

Hey y'all,


I actually think I disagree—the fact that there is a fair amount of open space is what makes Spotify such a clean, attractive app to use.  Crowding things up might it more "efficient" in a way, but it'd probably be far less pleasant to look at.




Casual Listener

I don't now why but my eyes didn't like the UI.


I like spotify like this, the space makes it more user friendly. The interface is not too overwhelming this way.


I get your point, but as a designer, you need space (called white space or negative space). It's important for legibility (mainly paragraph text). Items need breathing room. Especially with #6, those list items need breathing room, or else they can blend together, and it can be easy to click the wrong playlist when in a tight list like you suggestion. Spacing seperates objects. #1 is a bit of a waste though. They could make the search bar longer, add options or something. Also, for song titles/playlist titles (#2), some are longer than others. That's why you see all that space to the right of Playlist/album titles. Some may be a word long, others may be a sentence, so space is left for long titles. They did in the new update make the titles bigger, and that helps fill the space more. #3 is room for track numbers in albums. That doesn't translate well to playlists since they aren't numbered though.


The new update tightens up the UI a bit. That being said, white/negative space is not a bad thing, and I think most of the time Spotify uses it okay. 


Sorry, this is very ugly

Casual Listener

Hey everyone

There is a lot of wasted space in the new design, which makes for a cluttered and unconvient design.

Here are my suggestions:

  1. Make the progress bar longer. It is way too small which makes it hard to wind through the song.
  2. Make the "New playlist" button slimmer. There is no reason for it to be that big.
  3. Move the search bar back to the side-menu.
  4. Move the File, edit.. buttons and the forward/back buttons up.
  5. Move the pause, follow and actions button on a line with the headline and profile.
  6. It also wouldnt hurt to slim the bottom bar.
  7. When listening on another device, remove the green bar and display the info another place. 

Here is a quick scetch:


I know this has been mentioned before with some old designs, but now it's alot worse, with too much wasted screen real-estate.