[Desktop][Search] Bring Back Sorting in Search Results - 2018

I was previously able to sort my search results when looking for song titles, which made it easy to find the song and version I wanted.  With one of the recent updates (not sure how recent) I've lost that ability!  I do a lot of searching and now it's a lot harder to find the specific song/version I'm looking for.  Can y'all please bring this back??

Updated on 2019-04-30

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I wonder if what a previous poster wrote is true: "Unfortunately they are probably never going repair this. This missing sorting function in the desktop app is essential, but I guess they are probably getting paid by the music industry for the positions in the search results, so we have to swallow what they give us. Sadly I cannot think of any other explanation. They can't be that incompetent, can they?"


The ordering presented for search results by Spotify is mystifying, and appears to be focused on mega-stars. It is very frustrating not to be able to find versions of popular songs by less well-known artists. It was always mystifying why  results of a song-title search  would include listings with no match for title, artist or album above other listings with the correct song title. Then Spotify eliminated the capability to order search result by the actual song title. Like Google they appear to be trying to shove sponsored content down the throats of users, rather than providing the best search results. I do wonder on occasion if there is indifference or contempt for the user. For example, why doesn't Spotify offer any way for users to organize their playlists or favorite albums? It's seems like over the years value is taken away, while even features of obvious value are not added. For what it does, however, it does seems pretty reliable day-to-day. 


This is totally incorrect. There is this thread and another describing the problem.


The genesis of this was that on a certain update, sorting got broken. You could sort but the link you clicked (say #10 in the sorted list) corresponded to link #10 in the original unsorted list.


When this bug was brought to Spotify's attention their response was not to fix the bug in the sorted list but to totally remove the sorting option. Thus, a person or group for 'fixing' the bug could check the box saying this problem was resolved.


There is nothing nefarious here going on other that the ridiculous pathetic evaluations of Spotify management as to how to triage bugs and fix them.

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