[Desktop] Select default Sound Device

Currently Spotify defaults to using the default sound device under windows when launched, it would be neat if you could choose which sound device you want to use isntead in the options screen,



Updated on 2017-12-21

Hey folks, if you're interested in this idea we'd appreciate it if you follow the steps below. Please post in this thread with any feedback you have after giving this a try. Thank you!



This feature requires you to run Windows 10
Make sure you have Spotify version or higher installed.
1. Quit Spotify if it is currently running.
2. Create a shortcut to Spotify on your desktop (if it doesn't exist already).
3. Right-click the shortcut and choose "Properties".
4. In the "Target" text field, add a space and then --enable-audio-graph after Spotify.exe.
It should look like this: C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Spotify\Spotify.exe --enable-audio-graph(replace <username>with your Windows username)
5. Start Spotify by double-clicking the shortcut.
6. You can now find a setting for "Playback device" in the advances settings in the "Preferences" view (Edit -> Preferences / Ctrl + P).
Known issues:
When running Spotify with --enable-audio-graph the other "Playback" settings don't work. This will be fixed soon.

Casual Listener

This is an excellent idea, badly needed! I vote for this!


(Original Post) http://community.spotify.com/t5/Desktop-Windows/Select-audio-output-device/m-p/18121#M1604


Yes - I use a headset for skype - as soon as plug it in spotify comes out the device - Which is really annoying; I would like to be able to choose the device so i can do spotify on my big speakers, and skype on a headset at same time.

Music Fan

Spotify should be ashamed that this basic feature for any audio application still hasn't been added.

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Here are 71 requests, first being from 3 years ago. It seems that they just won't do it. (It seems that the site is going to be shut down after the end of March, so here is a screenshot).


You can change your default device through the windows volume settings, right click the speaker symbol in the bottom right of your screen and select playback devices.  Then right click the one device you want to use and select "set as default device".


Should still be an option in spotify, the skype implementation is a fine example.


Skype indeed is a fine example.


Make this work on Mac (Windows perhaps too).


Thank you.


Please add this feature! It's crucial for any media player imo.


Also missing from the Linux version, used to be able to go to spotify:config2 in the windows version but not any more (afaik) - it's such a basic setting which folk have been requesting for YEARS.




I vote for this, because I wish only that my music is streamed out of my HDMI connection on my iMac


I think beeing able to do this will never come to be..Witch is sad as it would make this program 10000X better