[Desktop][Subscription] Option to Sign In with Apple ID on the Windows 10 Spotify app

Hey there,

I am using Spotify on my iPhone and used my Apple ID to sign in. I don’t seem to have this option on my Windows 10 laptop.

Would love this option to be available on my laptop as I can’t access my playlist or premium account.

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Hey there,

apologies if I am misunderstanding. I am using the Apple ID sign in process for Spotify on my iPhone and iPad but this option isn’t available on the Windows 10 app.

My issue is more specific to Windows 10.


I would also like to say the exact same thing about the desktop app on Mac(Catalina). I have premium as well and it's frustrating that I can't access it on the desktop app.


Edit: Actually I just found a workaround to this.


First you access your Spotify account with the device you can log in with Apple Id, and look for your email address. If you chose to "share my Apple Id with Spotify" when initially signing up, you will see your Apple Address, if you didn't, you will see a randomly generated Email Address. Copy it.


Now, on your desktop app, try to log in with that Email Address. If you never set a password, simply select "forgot password" and reset the password. 


Once you have both your Email Address and the PW, you can log in on your desktop WITHOUT the "log in with Apple ID" option.