[Desktop] View all Tracks among Playlist Folders

In previous versions you could click on a playlist-folder in the left hand pane and see all songs that are included in child-playlists of that folder. You were able to select songs from all of the playlists included in that folder and add them to another playlist or the queue. 

Now you only can go through every child-playlist of that folder and search songs there and it's also not possible anymore to create a playlist-radio for the whole folder.


I used to have a playlist-folder with genre-playlists of music I really like. I could decide whether I'd like to listen to music from a single genre or from all of the genres I like. I know you can still play the whole playlist-folder but you can't just start with your favorite song or browse all the songs included in all child-playlists anymore because there is no list.

Please bring this feature back or at least give us the choice of how we want playlist-folders to be displayed.

Updated: 2015-04-14

Hey guys, we're marking this idea as 'Not Right Now' for the time being. However, we're continuing to bring your feedback to teams internally every week. If there's an update on this decision we will let you know here, thanks everyone.

Casual Listener

 Quite frankly it's rather embarrassing that Spotify is unable to implement a simple search feature.


Hey, Spotify. We still want this feature back.


I have a ton of playlists and so I organize them into genre folders. My issue is that If I wanted to listent to random songs from any of those playlists, I can't because on the globoal folder level, I don't see all the tracks from all those playlists (like iTunes shows) but rather thumbnail links to those playlists and which one is currently being listened to.
I think it would be pretty useful to have a global track view of all playlists in a folder.


- Playlist A

-- Track PA1
- Playlist B

-- Track PB1

Click on Folder-Trance and see:
Track PA1
Track PB1


are you serious? not right now ? why did you remove songs from the list ? it was my most usable spot in the app ? what was the reasoning ? i don't have all of my songs in my playlists, now i can't find them anywhere. super frustrated with the new update. 



Still waiting for this feature.

Have actually locked Spotify to older version just to be able to see all tracks in a folder including subfolders.