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Status: Good Idea, give it some kudos
by kreuzx on ‎2012-02-12 01:01 AM - last edited on ‎2015-04-29 09:38 AM by Top Star

I think it would be awesome it spotify had a visualizer that synced up with the music.  It is a feature I use in iTunes when I have company over and I believe Spotify would benefit from having one.

Status: Good Idea, give it some kudos
Updated: 2015-04-15

Hey everyone. While we used to have a visualizer beta for you all this feature has been removed. We're reopening this idea for a visualizer with the Desktop app. You can continue to leave your feedback for this feature here, thanks!

by David
on ‎2012-02-12 10:37 AM

I believe you may want to pop this in the Spotify idea's page - This page is for feature requests and ideas for this community :)

by death_eater
on ‎2012-02-16 02:29 AM

I liked it when you have a music visualization for the music that you are currently listening to, artistic or music beat or just use Itunes as an example of what I am talking about. What do yo think?

by finn3rs
on ‎2012-02-23 01:10 PM

I would love for spotify to have a visuliser, i find my self putting iTunes visuliser on and listening to musc on spotify.

on ‎2012-02-23 01:28 PM

Later Spotify Apps will support audio track data according to a developer at Spotify, if everything holds at the legal side, it will probably open up for visualizers.

by xcalibur28
on ‎2012-02-25 01:58 AM

How about visualization effects within the player i.e windows media player, winamp

by jrh528
on ‎2012-03-10 04:31 PM

Something like Milkdrop would be really cool

by forthr33
on ‎2012-03-19 05:45 PM

Please add visualizers for the desktop version of spotify. It will make listening to music more enjoyable instead of looking at a list of songs 

by node
on ‎2012-03-28 03:48 PM

That's grea tot hear krikelin, have you got a link to where they mention that?


I loved the classic Milkdrop visualiser for WinAmp, I think it's since been open-sourced so that'd be great to see in Spotify. Any good visualisers would be great to have though, defintiely the main missing feature for me!

by adwest87
on ‎2012-04-07 05:23 AM

Preferably Milkdrop, but basically any trippy visualizer will do.

by qurben
on ‎2012-04-11 02:52 PM


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