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[Desktop/Webplayer] - Daily Mix dislike button

Updated on 2020-06-12

Hi everyone,

Thanks for bringing us your feedback in the Spotify Idea Exchange.

We're marking this as a 'Good Idea'.
Please know your feedback is reaching the internal teams at Spotify, and they're aware of the votes around this idea. We'll continue to check out the comments here, too.

If there are any updates, we'll let you know.


Found out that the dislike button showed back in "Release Radar"


Daily mix does not have, but just found out that there is a "Go to playlist radio"


In the playlist radio, got the "dislike button"


Hey there folks,


We really appreciate you continuing to add your feedback in this idea!

We've taken a look at the comments here, and adjusted the title of this idea slightly.


This is so that there are not multiple ideas combined in one here.

If you'd like to vote for a radio dislike button we'd recommend posting a new idea!


Thanks 🙂


Hi Katerina,


we don't need to post a new idea, the idea is clear, already there and supported by all the people in this thread: enable again the dislike button everywhere, to customize playlists, albums, Daily Mix, etc ... And this is not a new idea it's an old feature that was disabled.


You are not confortable to name the button "dislike button"? No problem ... call it "do-not-play-for-me-this-song-button" ...


It seems that Spotify is not confortable in making too easy for the customer to avoid listening some songs ...

And it's clear that the decision of Spotify is not to bring back this feature and to neglect the discussion on this topic. 


I dreamt at Spotify as a platform that selects music according to the customer's preference, using customer data and AI ...  but it seems that now Spotify doesn't want to hear customer feedback and is more keen to select music based on music productions inputs.


Thank you.

Best regards.



Hey there @massivincenti,


Thanks for sharing your feedback on this!


Based on the description of the idea shared in the original post, it sounds like it's mainly about returning the option to customize your Daily Mixes to the way it used to be in the past.


Bear in mind that if you'd like to customize playlists and albums, it's already possible to do so through the mobile app. There's more info about this in this idea - we'll make sure to keep you up to speed regarding the desktop app there! Further, there's also this idea that you can support regarding radios.


On another note, what you'd like to see sounds like this idea - a dislike button in all sections of the app. If that's the case, we'd recommend adding your +VOTE and feedback there to contribute to the discussion around this feature.


Hope this is helpful but don't hesitate to give us a shout if there's anything else!


Have a lovely day 🙂


@Katerina your post, at best, seems dismissive of what myself and many others have been asking for almost a year.


You took a feature away everywhere.. then brought it back on the desktop.. still not available on web.. not available on Ubuntu client..


Why anyone would think it was a good idea to remove this feature is beyond me, but the fact that this thread, that has enough votes, is either getting ignored or get comments like yours really gives me a feeling Spotify really does not care about customer feedback.


Given that it cost you money to pay artists when a track is played I can't see any rationale to literally make it difficult for people to skip tracks they don't like.


Since you removed the feature I literally stopped using anything beyond my own lists.


Thank you Katerina. The ideas you mentioned address my questions, even if the "like" button is in the main page while to access the "hide" button you have to click the three dots "...";  while you listen music you usually don't want to start navigating with your phone, bust just click a button.

I would like to mention another thing: while I listen music on Spotify, I use my Apple Watch to pause and play, to control the volume and to put a "like" to the song; I don't want to get my phone and make two clicks to hide a song ... and obviously in the watch version of the App. you have only the "like" and not the "dislike" button. Am I wrong? 


But indeed, the functionality to "hide" as far as I now is now available everywhere.


P.S.: But apart of the unavailability of the hide/dislike button, the Watch App is very good, complete, useful and well done! 🙂


Thank you.

Best regards.



I agree with Massimiliano.

There are several other threads already made for this topic, and they seem to dead end.



Without an always available dislike button, it makes it impossible to listen to NEW bands, because I found out the hard way, that if you listen to a new band that ends up having lots of terrible songs you still have to listen to all those terrible songs again because Spotify algorithm thinks you like that band. ug. not fun.  It's not a new idea, and without it, it takes away from the user experience.


Is there a contract that Spotify has made to artist/sponsors that cannot allow such a button?  I cannot see any other reason why this action is _no longer_ available.    If there a contractual reason why you cannot offer this please let us know, I personally would like to understand what I am paying for.   Also, can you please pass this along to the ones making the decision, or else give an answer so we quit asking, rather than have us start yet another thread for the same topic.




the dislike button on the mobile app doesn't work  - it only hides the song - but it keeps appearing (but if I look at it on my phone, the hide button is clearly selected) - so neither works.


I'm preparing myself for a crappy run of daily mixes this week since I'm using my desktop app instead of my phone (had to switch offices).  All I can do is forward thru to the next song.  There are so many people that share this sentiment, this isn't a feature enhancement you have to code -we're asking you to please please please put something back that you took away!!!  How can your algo accurately predict what should be in my mixes if I have zero control over the content?


Sorry, didn't mean to repost this here, there are so many threads on this topic I thought I was on a new one.  😕

There's no way to delete this, so here it is..

This seems like a very popular idea, but no real action from Spotify crew, so I am putting in my 2 cents.

Help us, please.



soooooo This has the required amount of votes - when will we see action on this?  I feel it's also important to point out that this is not a new 'idea' - but rather a feature that you took away.