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[Desktop/Webplayer] - Daily Mix dislike button

Updated on 2020-06-12

Hi everyone,

Thanks for bringing us your feedback in the Spotify Idea Exchange.

We're marking this as a 'Good Idea'.
Please know your feedback is reaching the internal teams at Spotify, and they're aware of the votes around this idea. We'll continue to check out the comments here, too.

If there are any updates, we'll let you know.


Dear Spotify,


Not having the ability to dislike songs on daily mixes is manipulating what I get offered, and manipulation isn't what I'm looking for when I want to listen to music that suits my tastes. I like a variety of music, I might go from listening to music with distorted guitars and clean vocals when I'm wanting to connect with my sorrows, and later I'll listen to some wonderful medieval sounding music when I want to try to find my heart's song and connect to the earth; or maybe I'm feeling like a synthetic soundtrack to game with. Sometimes the algorithm shows me tracks I really dig, but then other times I'll hate the sounds finding their way through my ears from the first time I listen to the noise. Then there's how the artist might factor into my tastes, there are groups where I absolutely love one of their songs but feel unimpressed with their other work, or else I generally enjoy what they make but then that one time they tried something completely different *shudders*. To stop the clear manipulation of what arrives to my speakers for consumption, I need more ability to steer the algorithm that feeds me music, and having a way to stop tracks I don't like from ever showing up in a daily mix again is a big step in that direction. Having tracks I enjoy cycle through is great, having tracks I hate never getting out of the loop is infuriating; music I'm indifferent to might eventually fall to one side or the other. I also want control over the disliked songs the same as liked songs because I am allowed to change my mind; music tastes change over time, y'all should know that. Ever had a song you think really jams for the first 30 seconds, every time you notice the sound, before realizing it's actually one you despise?


-Sincerely, a concerned product, er *ahem* subscriber, or umm person. Yes, I'm defiantly a human who eats soundbits for breakfast, second breakfast, brunch, lunch, afternoon snack, dinner, supper, afters, midnight snack; totally normal.


If I have to listen top that screaming tub of flub called ''Lewis Capaldi'' one more time I'm giving up with Spotify. I cannot stand him screaming the same line louder and louder each verse, it's so bad. Yet Spotify keeps recommending, featuring and putting on my personalised playlist, this is why you need a dislike button. 

You can block artists on Spotify so you’ll never hear him again if you
don’t want to


Seriously no idea why they even removed this in the first place.


Why hasn't this been fixed yet?


I like that on the mobile app, when a song appears in song radio or is recommended some other way I can tap the icon of a circle with a minus sign in it to say I don't like it and so that it skips and doesn't show up again. I would like to be able to do this on desktop app. As far as I can tell, this option on the desktop app doesn't exist. Thanks!


Why hasn't this been fixed yet?




Almost 3 years ago, Spotify acknowledged* the "discrepancies", i.e. they acknowledged that the Desktop App does NOT allow the user to dislike songs in Daily Mixes, whilst the mobile version does.


* ---> Proof: (see pink colored answer marked as TOP answer)


They also promised to tell developers that this needs to be fixed because many people were still visiting the thread, being upset about the situation (3 years ago).


They then closed that thread yet linked to this thread that you are currently reading, basically encouraging users to continue to beg for the dislike button in Daily Mixes to be there just like it's available on iPhone/Android.


Moreover, like/dislike IS in fact available BOTH on mobile AND desktop, for _Discover Weekly_. So the tech is already there and it works, on Desktop.


Nobody knows why Spotify keeps this discrepancy which greatly (and negatively) affects enjoyment of music for those that use the Desktop App - after all, Daily Mixes are the best way to discover new music: At least for me, I have discovered far more great music there, than through browsing or Discover Weekly.


Using the smartphone side by side with the Desktop app is also very annoying: Whilst it is possible to use the smartphone just to dislike a song (which won't work on Desktop), this setup causes issues: Since some songs will then be available on Desktop, but will have been "disliked" on mobile, it will soon happen that the iPhone will show WRONG song information when a song is being played that has been started on Desktop, but was once disliked on iPhone.  This problem has been solved for Discover Weekly, so it should be no problem to implement just the same for Daily Mixes.


Spotify, PLEASE give us an update on this issue. It's been almost 3 years since you promised to fix it. It is of central importance for all Desktop App users. It's not some small "nice to have". It's at the very core of Spotify. Serious Spotify users (think future Premium Plus Lossless Audio subscribers) use the Desktop App, and the whole point of Spotify is its algorithm which shines the most in Daily Mixes (that's based on factor analysis, as I get it). ---> Allowing users to mark songs as unwanted in those mixes in the Desktop App should be your top priority, rather than all those cosmetic things that have been implemented recently.




Please give this a thumbs up if you agree with the core message here. Thank you.





Totally agree, but I bet $$$ that this will not be fixed before the day Spotify ceases to exist, because Spotify has become a bunch of totally incapable ultra-capitalist sweatshop bastards who neither care about their users nor about the artists' wellbeing.


I want to emphasize why I find this so important. There is no way to remove songs from these generated playlists and also no way to mark songs as disliked and no way to indicate artists that you don't want to hear. This makes no sense. Not every reason that someone would want to not listen to something is instinctive. Please respect your customers 🙏