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[Desktop/Webplayer] - Daily Mix dislike button

Updated on 2020-06-12

Hi everyone,

Thanks for bringing us your feedback in the Spotify Idea Exchange.

We're marking this as a 'Good Idea'.
Please know your feedback is reaching the internal teams at Spotify, and they're aware of the votes around this idea. We'll continue to check out the comments here, too.

If there are any updates, we'll let you know.


What's the point of daily mixes "made for me" if I can't tailor them by disliking songs that don't suit my taste? Considering Pandora at this point, their algorithm seems better and let's you truly customize stations/playlists. Spotify, please fix this


Really need this feature to fix obviously flawed recommendations in Daily Mixes. I have one comprised of anime/video game soundtracks as well as epic style piano music. I hate most musicals and have never chosen to listen to a single one on Spotify. And yet in the past month Spotify thought adding music from Legally Blond the Musical to this Daily Mix. There is something broken in the algorithm and there really needs to be a way to refocus the songs it assembles. The longer we go without the ability to redirect the algorithm, the more each mix pulls in music that fails to match the general style of most of the list, ultimately resulting in mixes that can never be listened to again without constant access to the skip button. 


Fun fact, I was just about to start a new topic about another feature that's been taken away (the What's New bell icon that was next to the Recently Played clock icon on the homescreen), but remembering this ill-informed dislike button choice I decided to check the status here. Over a year since my original comment supporting it and still nada so... probably won't waste my time and instead I'll just watch the inevitable decline of Spotify continue and probably accelerate. Can anyone suggest a music streaming app that gives a hoot about the user? 

Deezer has good sound quality, better than Spotify but subscription is
£12.99 after 3 month probation period. Tidal is with good sound quality
like Deezer and price is £9.99. Problem with this 2 is that they can't be
linked to Amazon Echo device like Spotify, only through bluetooth. If you
don't have Amazon device you should go for Tidal. I am on probation on
Deezer at the moment but will switch to Tidal. I am fed up begging Spotify
to make available dislike button on desktop app. It's an issue for years.
Good luck.

I don't get this. My Daily Mix is determined by AI and yet I have no input to better educate the AI as to what I'd like to listen to ,and more importantly, what I don't want to listen to.


Just because I listened to one specific comedy compilation once does not mean that I want to hear the same tracks again. Comedy is mostly a one shot listening event (with the exception of the Goons and Monty Python.


What the AI seems to miss is that the genres should not be mixed in a given Daily mix - why would I want tracks from Jeff Wayne's "War of the Worlds" mixed with Roy and H.G's sports commentary "Bludging on the Blindside"?


It would also be good if the exploratory nature of the Daily Mix could be adjusted - some days I want to listen to tracks I've listened to before, other days I'd like to have Spotify offer other tracks that I've not heard before but I might like based on the tracks I do listen to frequently. I'm pretty sure all of this is stored in a database somewhere in Spotify - make use of it to provide me with better value for the subscription I pay to your service.


Otherwise it might be time to explore what innovation your competitors might be offering...


I'm utterly annoyed by the music recommended. I don't know how this AI model works but if its based on the history of songs I just clicked on then this is an never ending loop of annoyance, please get this straight.


Spotify generated playlists are simpler and better than ordinary playlists. Removing songs from playlists is simply weird behaviour inherited from old school playlists. You don't need it. And of course there are options to go around it if you insist:

  a) List is made just for you and if you don't like parts of it, just don't listen to it at all!

  b) Learn to listen songs you don't like. Research says you will start liking it. Just like on radio.

  c) Wait for the song you don't like to begin and only then go and click to skip to next song. Once you get tired of this, you will start listening what you don't like more and more. And that is good. See option "b".


Aren't those some great options there?


Edit: This comment is ironic. I voted for idea. It is just crazy that what I listed are actually only options I see.

Did Spotify pay you to post this comment?
No that is a terrible idea. If I wanted to listen to songs I don't like then I would listen to the radio. The whole point of Spotify playlists is that they are filled with songs I do like and I would like to have the option back to remove the songs I don't.

Anyway Spotify clearly aren't listen to this feed, so I am looking at competition who do it better

Haha. I voted for this idea. My comment is how I am imagining Spotify is justifying "better" playlist without an option to remove song. In my opinion most simple playlist is an ordered list of songs with few basic features:
- Show song info
- Add song to list

- Remove song from list

- Move song up or down on the list


Since generated lists are not user created I kind of can understand that you can't add songs to list. But not being able to mark songs you don't want listen is just crazy.