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[Desktop][Wrapped] Allow us to see Wrapped on PC.

We used to be able to see it on PC. Why would you take it away?


EDIT: 1 year later, wrapped is out and once again is not available on pc. We are forced to use the mobile version (that if the app doesn't crash when you open wrapped).  


Updated on 2022-02-03

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Spotify Wrapped is only available by phone app presently. Which many disabled paying customers are able to participate in it. This is very ablest. This should be immediately changed. 




it is ableist indeed!


I don't understand why Spotify wrapped is only available on mobile. I'm unable to view it on my phone due to having an outdated device that I can not replace currently. It just seems unfair for people who may not be able to afford a new phone, we deserve to be able to see it too. The only way I can view it is on a desktop, past Spotify wraps were available on a desktop so why change it? 


Yes, I have exactly the same issue ... my phone is quite outdated by now but still does everything properly. Even the Spotify App runs nice and smooth, except for the crash when trying to look at the wrap. It's not like PCs are ever getting outdated, these are devices that will ever be present, regardless of how the mobile tech is advancing. So why loose this one solid plattform that will still be used continously by thousands of people in the future? I hope they fix this and return the Spotify Wrapped back to the desktop as well. Would be really appreciated. 


I have a relatively new phone that should be able to handle Spotify wrapped, but it does not work. 

Wrapped should be viewable from the desktop client or a web browser.  Programmatically speaking, there is no reason that this should not work.


Also, all the data that is presented in the slideshow on the mobile app could fit in one picture on the desktop. The current presentation format seems unnecessarily stretched.


I would love to see it on the PC again as the mobile app always crushes...

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Updated on 2021-12-04

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I remember that wrapped used to be available from everywhere (I think I still have screenshots of the web version of my 2019 wrapped). I'm not sure why Spotify has felt the need to shift priority away from desktop, but it's been kind of sad to see as someone who primarily uses the desktop version of the app.