[Discover] Alternate Discover Weekly playlist based on expanded Taste Profiles

The following IDEA proposal was inspired based on the belief that listening habits and 'saved song' selections per user (in terms of daily/weekly/monthly or perhaps yearly increments) that they do not deviate (within a user's Taste Profile) as much as the range of content does (in terms of genre) within a user's entire music library.


The benefit of the existing Discover Weekly playlist is that it continues to provide content to users that is most recently relevant or top-of-mind. 

The drawback, (which inspires me to promote the need for a new Spotify Playlist) is that I believe a key element of a user's Taste Profile is missing. Note that users store and organize songs via playlists (based on their own personally designed criteria), as well as, perform daily/weekly/yearly listening habits, which impact the songs that are 'saved' altogether. The question I want each reader to think about is, "Should Taste Profiles incorporate content from user's (personally created) playlists also"?


*Personal Example: At the end of each year, I take all my saved songs and either file them into a playlist based on the year in which I saved them, or I file them into specific playlists I have created. I perform this so that I do not maintain years’ worth of songs in my 'Saved Songs' folder. (Organizing music seems more logical than maintaining a cluttered 'saved songs' folder with years of songs)

In the end, I have a larger range of content in my Total Library. But in cases where I haven't recently listened to each of my personal playlists or perhaps because I'm listening to Hip Hop for a month straight, my [Discover Weekly] does not present me with new potential favorite content for all Genres that I listen to; instead it dwindles the criteria down to what feels like nothing but Hip Hop. And in short, this feeling of 'nothing but Hip Hop' is exactly why I would love to see a new playlist from Spotify that utilizes a tweaked Taste Profile.


Similarly mirror the existing process used to generate the [Discover Weekly] playlist, but instead of building an individual user Taste Profile based only on 'saved songs' and 'listening habits,' expand this criterion to be inclusive of the content within ALL personal playlists created by the user. 


This idea's goal is simply to present Spotify users with a more diverse playlist that is created based on expanded Taste Profiles.

I am by no means the expert and am not sure if this has already been discussed historically; Please forgive any oversights I may have here.

Thanks for reading!

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Updated on 2018-10-12

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