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[Discover] Find public Playlists that contain Song/Artist

My theory (not rocket science):


If someone else's playlist includes a song or artists that I like, there is a good change that I will enjoy the rest of their playlist. 


Currently, you can only search for public playlists via playlist name.  Considering that most people do not name their playlists to accurately reflect the type of music it contains, I believe that the current search functionality is quite limited. 


Spotify should have functionality to search for public playlists that contain a song/artist.  I think would be immensly helpful for music discovery.  


Best of luck, 



P.S. - Down the line, it would be interesting to see "similarity scores" between two playlists.  Could be quite interesting for finding new music.  

Updated on 2019-10-31

Hey folks.

Thanks again for all your votes and comments.
We're still keeping an eye on this idea, but at this time we don't have an update.


This is a must... I have so many playlists and would love to be able to see/compare/edit ... They are a mess and having this feature ( so simple) .... would help a lot.  For the life of me I cant see why this is not part of the deal. I can search a song and find every album in spotify it appears on ... why not a local playlist search ?


I think, it's an obvious "must have" for listeners and artists - we all know that for ages (really ages) - but it's not wanted by the music industry (less profit to very few men). So ... just keep on listening to a cool artist/song and get "curated" spotify-hints leading to Ariana Grande, Dua Lipa and all of the other money printing machines nowadays ...


When we click the 3 dots in the corner of a song , we should have an option to “go to playlists (playlists with the song in it)” because the radios always have stuff not even related to the vibe of the song but have more of the artists’ songs on there and id rather hear what other people threw together ..

Status changed to: New Suggestion

Updated on 2021-10-18

Hello @TearnyJuarez,


Thanks for submitting your idea to the Idea Exchange!


We've gone ahead and marked this as a new suggestion. Spotify Staff will look into this idea once it reaches the necessary amount of votes.


More info on how your feedback reaches Spotify via the Idea Exchange can be found here.




Spotify what would it take to implement this? Microsoft Outlooks you can search for a word in all of your emails, I have to imagine you can use a similar script for this feature?


Spotify won't TALK to us about this or myriad other ideas so we are always left to guess. My guess on this is that running a bunch of queries against the user database would require too many resources and might tie up "production". My thought would be that they offload a snapshot of the community playlist info into other databases that can be queried without impacting other processes. 


This feature to me would be one of the first things I would implement if I was building from scratch. I would love the community interaction as it would drive listenership. But I must be wrong as Spotify seems to want to drive DOWN community interaction. They want to feed us.. they don't want us to gather things ourselves. I don't understand how that's beneficial. 

Status changed to: Case Closed

Updated on 2022-02-28

Hey! Thanks for coming to the Spotify Idea Exchange.
We've been keeping an eye on this submission for an extended period of time, and it doesn't seem this will reach the votes necessary to put it forward for prioritization.
As such, we're marking this case as closed. This includes any similar suggestions that are received.

If we do have any new information to share, rest assured we'll check back in here with a new status.

More information about it can be found here.

Thanks for your comprehension! 


agree, we should also have the option to search for several songs, and then it would suggest playlists with these songs


Under the hamburger menu for a song, add "find playlist" to discover public playlist with the same song.


Users need a way to discover new music besides the curated "song radio" option provided by Spotify.  We need to see what other users are pairing with a song in their playlist.