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[Discover] Find public Playlists that contain Song/Artist

My theory (not rocket science):


If someone else's playlist includes a song or artists that I like, there is a good change that I will enjoy the rest of their playlist. 


Currently, you can only search for public playlists via playlist name.  Considering that most people do not name their playlists to accurately reflect the type of music it contains, I believe that the current search functionality is quite limited. 


Spotify should have functionality to search for public playlists that contain a song/artist.  I think would be immensly helpful for music discovery.  


Best of luck, 



P.S. - Down the line, it would be interesting to see "similarity scores" between two playlists.  Could be quite interesting for finding new music.  

Updated on 2019-10-31

Hey folks.

Thanks again for all your votes and comments.
We're still keeping an eye on this idea, but at this time we don't have an update.


Yes, this.




I think the perfect way could be easy as this:

1 - You search for a song.

2 - Below that song, and below the "More By (song artist)", add a section called: " PLAYLISTS CONTAINING (Name of the song) "


DONE! That would be perfect for us to find playlists containing songs related to the ones we find and like 🙂


Yes, this idea would be fantastic.

I want it

Best way to discover music, or friend.


Here's a workaround I figured out today.

Just google something like: inurl:"spotify/playlist" "artist name" "song name"


And you'll find what we're looking for!


This is something that would help me enjoy Spotify a hundred times more! It is quite difficult to find a good radio station or playlist just by the title. 


New to this list (but been using Spotify since day 1).  Inconceivable that this isn't a top priority. I believe that all implementation needs to benefit the "bottom line" to some extent.  But any expansion of exposure does that much more than users playing their own lists over and over. 


Believe that Rdio does have this feature (so it's doable).  But Spotify is a far superior service IMO.


Rdio has this feature, is awesome u can see all the lists that contains certain song, and even u can check who has listen the song lately, with this feature u can easily find people that has similar music taste. I dont understand how spotify can not implement this, is just look a bit farther into their DBs. I can imagine that is much more easy to implement this than all these complex algorithms for automatic radios... that never works how id like and that will never be the same as a list created by an actual "human".


I'd love this feature! I used zlapper's workaround and it works, but I modified it so I could find playlists that aren't created by Spotify. inurl:"playlist" "artist name" "song name"


Also, you might run into a problem with Google thinking you're a robot, but it's better than nothing.